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‘Space Clearing’ Is Actually Rescue Work

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn my earlier days of doing psychic mediumship work, I used to get many requests from homeowners and businesses, requesting that I do a space clearing in their premises. Typically, these clients would complain about strange things happening onsite and disturbances by unwanted spirits, which negatively impacted their daily activities or lifestyle. Some people would refer to this work using terms like ‘ghosthunting,’ but prefer to call it ‘rescue’ work.

When someone passes, they can either go to the Light, back to the realm of Spirit, or they can remain in the Earth plane dimension. Sometimes a person dies suddenly, from a murder, for instance, or in a robbery or some other controversial way where they were somehow wronged. Their spirit may then choose to remain here, in some attempt to claim justice. They may also choose to remain here because they don’t feel a sense of completeness with this life. Or sometimes they are simply just confused.

‘Clearing out’ the spirits disturbing the occupants of a home or business premises, has taught me the most about death, and what really happens when we die and leave our physical body. For instance, one time I was clearing a pretty large antique furniture store. As I made my way through the shop, I asked the owner who Norma was? She was sitting in one of the antique rocking chairs in the front corner, and she was scaring people away.

Ideally, you want to cleanse that energy out…It will also help the trapped spirit to move on, enabling it to continue its journey through time and reincarnate. It’s a wonderful thing to do for everyone involved ~ James Pask

He explained that Norma was a disgruntled, former employee of his, whom he had to let go, because she was a lazy worker. She also didn’t follow the rules, and behaved aggressively much of the time. That rocking chair is where she used to sit sometimes, and even though it was on display for sale, she seemed to think it was hers. Norma passed way a month after he let her go, and he was astonished that I knew her name and her connection with the rocking chair.

So, I went to work and had a friendly conversation with Norma. I explained to her that she no longer needed to worry about working to survive in human form, and that she was free now. It was okay for her to move onto the Light. She was resistant at first, and seemed to just want to stay put! I then called out to her family and ancestors in spirit, and asked for them to accompany and guide her back to the Light, so that she could return to her loved ones on the Other Side, and finally be at peace.

When a spirit does not want to go to the Light, they have the choice to stay here, but they still have to leave the premises where they are causing a disturbance, if they are no longer welcome there. This is most likely why this type of work is often referred to as ‘space clearing.’

You don’t believe in ghosts? Then you are either tragically out of step with the times or possibly a slovenly spiritual housekeeper looking for an excuse to avoid tidying up ~ Joyce Wadler

Fortunately, this work usually ends well. I’ve seen the most miraculous events occur. Calling upon the earthbound spirit’s deceased loved ones in Heaven, to come and collect them, I have seen many bright souls show up, take the hand of their lost loved one and, if they agree, walk side-by-side into a doorway of light in the distance. The light seems to draw them toward this ‘doorway’ and when they eventually walk through it, it closes and they are gone. The most tranquil, peaceful feeling then follows.

The reason I prefer to call this rescue work, and not ‘space clearing,’ is that from some of the encounters I’ve experienced, the family or ancestors that come forth from the Light, to pick up their relative, tend to offer a glimpse of Heaven through their act of unconditional love. The earthbound spirit then usually decides to go with their relatives, possibly because they feel that someone cared enough to come and rescue them. These moments is when this type of work is most gratifying to me.

It is never too late to help another soul, whether it be in this life, or the next.

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