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Your Soulmate is Not Someone Else’s Partner

click pic for a free reading at PsychicAccess.comMany people go through life looking for their soulmate or twin flame, while they may have already found them. To me a soulmate is simply someone you have a past life connection to and your souls cross paths again in this lifetime. It does not mean they are meant to be with you forever. It does not mean that you are meant to be lovers, partners or any other connection other than, you have been together in some capacity in a past life.

Sometimes clients who consult me about their love life are enamored with another person’s spouse or partner, and are so sure that this person is meant to be with them, instead of the person they are with. But the truth is, the Universe, Source, God, will never send you someone else’s partner to be your life mate.

I hear so often, “But I love him!” Or “We are so good together and she does not love her husband.” But these are merely empty words, or wishful thinking. Chances are you are only being used by that other person. They will tell you exactly what you want to hear. “Oh yes, my spouse and I have drifted apart.” Or, ‘My spouse treats me very badly.” Or the best one, “I’m only staying there until the kids are out of school.” These are simply lines to justify the pursuit of an affair.

I have worked with several clients stuck, sometimes for many years, in an extra-marital affair with someone else’s partner. The longest one was almost a decade of being second choice in the cheater’s life. He had influence over her, as he was buying gifts and being loving and kind with my client whenever possible, while telling the lie that it was “until the kids were out of the house.” My client has been his mistress for eight years at that point, with the promise that they would be together someday soon. Tick, tock.

People are always fascinated by infidelity because, in the end – whether we’ve had direct experience or not – there’s part of you that knows there’s absolutely no more piercing betrayal. People are undone by it ~ Junot Diaz

Time passed and, lo and behold, the wife had another baby! Yet the manipulator was able to convince my client that the wife had tricked him with the pregnancy. She never tricked him, she thought nothing was wrong in the marriage, since he was acting as if everything was perfect when he was at home.

Eventually, my client approached the wife and told her about the affair with her husband, thinking the wife would give him the boot and they would be together. But it backfired, in a huge way. The wife did kick him out, but he pursued the wife to get her back and never spoke to the mistress again. Manipulation at its worst! And eight years of my client’s life she can never get back, wasted on waiting for someone that was never going to leave his wife in the first place.

Although this was an extreme case, I am sharing this story because it may enlighten those who may be going down a similar path. If the person you are seeing has someone else in their life, and you are seriously planning a life together, it rarely works out that way. If you are seeing someone that is cheating on their spouse, what makes you think it will be different with you? There will most likely be another when this person tires of you.

I have witnessed people get irritated, often not because the lover does not leave their spouse, but because they find out that the person is seeing more than one person on the side. So, it is okay for them to have a husband or wife, but not a second lover?

Love works in miracles every day: such as weakening the strong, and stretching the weak; making fools of the wise, and wise men of fools; favouring the passions, destroying reason, and in a word, turning everything topsy-turvy ~ Marguerite De Valois

The importance of this, and the lesson to be learned is, if you love interest is not single and available, turn around and walk the other way! Do not fall for the lies, don’t be a voluntary victim. God, Source, Universe, will never send another person’s husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend to be your life partner. It does not work that way.

Also remember, the karma of these actions will come back on you at some point, and it is never good. And in the process a family is broken and hurt, you will be broken and hurt, and there is nothing you will be able to do to fix it.

About The Author: Sheri

Sheri is an international psychic and angel reader who provides clear answers on finance, career, relationships, manifesting your dreams, and working-out the kinks of life. Since 2004, Sheri is the owner on an International Spiritual Healing Centre where she runs her Reiki practice - either working on clients or teaching them the levels of Usui Reiki. She utilizes her office space for readings that are conducted via mail, phone, chat or live. Since 2008, she's honed her gifts on various psychic service websites, where she's provided telephone, chat or email readings. She also works on a spiritual network for people who have suffered horrific loss, applying her own first-hand experiences with such tragedies. Sheri's work has been described as honest, compassionate and life-transforming and she would like to see all of her clients soar free to a higher level of spirituality and growth, and exponentially change the world to the best it can be. You can get a psychic reading from Sheri at

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