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Sacred Space

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comHave you noticed that a certain physical space can influence how we feel? How can a room affect us in this way? Well it’s all about energy. When you walk into a room and people have had a fight there, or received some awful news that may have caused great sadness, we tend to pick up on the energy. We often sense it, without really knowing why we are suddenly feeling angry, sad, or drained.

One of the scripts that I use with hypnotherapy clients is to visualize your own sacred space and then picture yourself inside that space. Just thinking about such a space, where you feel safe, happy and calm, can help to relieve anxious feelings for most people.

There are also just some spaces that seem to promote a sense of belonging and trust that everything is okay. For some people their sacred space may be a certain place in their home, while for others it is simply outside in nature. It doesn’t really matter where your sacred space is, as long as you feel good inside it.

When I meditate, I like to be in the same place in my house. Just by entering that space, I tell my mind what to expect next. Some of my friends have a sacred space that is only for them and would never invite anyone else to enter. It is a personal choice how you view what is sacred for you. Some people can be in a crowd of people and still feel they are in a sacred place.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again ~ Joseph Campbell

On a trip with my grandchildren to Salem, Massachusetts, the location of the infamous witch trials, I found some places very comfortable, and others not so much. All three of my granddaughters are empaths, so energy really affects how they experience an area. While visiting one of the cemeteries, right in the middle of Salem, all three of them simultaneously said its time to go. So, I knew they were sensing something unpleasant. They later explained that the energy just changed when another group of tourists entered the cemetery. It was not bad, just different.

There are sacred spaces all over the world where groups of people go to experience the energy of ancestors. Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, is one such place. Stonehenge consists of a ring of huge standing stones which took the Neolithic builders an estimated 1,500 yeas to erect. Some people claim to have had spiritual experiences while visiting this sacred space.

How To Create Your Sacred Space

To create your own sacred space, find a place where you feel truly comfortable and set the intention for what this space is going to be used for, such as prayer, gratitude journaling, meditation, and so on. You may want to clear the energy in your chosen space by burning sweet grass or sage.

Create a sacred space to learn more about your body and mind, go on a date with yourself and explore emotions, sensation, desires, dreams, and accept yourself as you are ~ Nityananda Das

Place things in your space that are meaningful for you, such as religious objects, pictures, crystals, candles, and so forth. If it is more comfortable to have minimal objects that is also perfectly fine. After all, it is your personal place. Whatever works best for you. Life is always changing so you may want to add some items, and remove some items over time.

Try to spend some time each day in your sacred space, to get in touch with your higher self. One of my clients considers her car her sacred space. When she needs to be alone, she drives to the ocean, puts on some good music, closes her eyes, and prays or meditates. I have learned over the years what one person calls sacred, another may not. Think about it and create a space that is uniquely your own.

About The Author: Elizabeth

Elizabeth's talents go back several generations. She found her own gifts and embraced them at an early age, recognizing the difference between herself and most others around her. She's since honed and mastered many metaphysical practices, providing hypnotherapy, Psychic Mediumship, Mysticism, and Hypno-Reiki to her clients in Maine, and in areas around the US and in Canada, where she travels. A lover of pets, they are her greatest teachers and these unconditionally loving creatures often chime in on a reading in addition to the Angels, Guides and loved ones who provide resolution and answers for each of her clients. Elizabeth is also an author with much spiritual wisdom to impart and is currently working on a book. If you'd like to be a recipient of her unique Psychic Wisdom, find peace and receive answers that will also benefit your highest good, you can reach Elizabeth at Psychic Access.

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