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Managing Emotions With Jupiter In Scorpio

Click here to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSo much has transpired since the Summer eclipse season, which brought upon us lots of change and dramatic events.

Many people experienced traumatic situations, or began to question their purpose, which triggered a storm of emotions for some. While some are handling these changes well, it is overwhelming for others, because the energies are currently much more intense, and somewhat imbalanced.

With Jupiter now in Scorpio, for the next year, a lot of stuff will come to the surface on a personal and political level, which may be a little painful, but necessary to help create positive change.

You can’t always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside ~ Wayne Dyer

Anxiety and mood disorders will be in focus during this time. So, if this has been a problem for you, then this cycle will be beneficial for healing and recovery.

Managing feelings through therapeutic activities, such as listening to music, being outside in nature, working out, getting a massage, or exploring your creative side, will be helpful aids when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Getting counseling or receiving energy healing will also be a good way to get a new perspective, and provide support through any difficult transitions, or people who need mediation.

Most importantly, by slowing down and asking yourself if the problem you’re facing will matter a month, or year from now, will allow you to see the bigger picture more clearly and give you peace of mind.

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Attracting people from all walks of life, Laura has always been the type others come to for advice and direction. An initiated shaman, she's helped others to transcend fear and resolve dark aspects to achieve greatness in life and overcome limitations from the past.Spiritually, she's a mixed bag of traditional meets mystical, blending the best parts of Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths with intuition and magic. She's been referred to as a witch, but considers herself a shaman. She uses her psychic gifts and divination tools to help you see the truth, awaken your spirit and overcome any problem. Contact Laura for a psychic reading at

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