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Intuitive Children – Moving Beyond Labels

click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comChildren are naturally intuitive beings. They are born spiritually aware. We are all born with psychic ability, but as we grow up much of this ability tends to be lost by the time we reach adulthood.

As a parent or caregiver, it is important to nurture a child’s psychic gifts without labeling them. Labels such as “highly gifted,” or “Indigo,” or “Crystalline,” are descriptive, but may also harm the child’s psychic development.

Sometimes it’s tempting to place labels on children or guide them toward a path that may not even be right for them. Instead, adults need to take this spiritual journey along with their children. Encourage them to pursue their intuitions, and don’t try to discount or dismiss as ‘imaginary’ what they may tell you. Intuitive children are extremely sensitive to their environment, and they don’t miss a thing…even those things adults may not be able to perceive. Offering a permissive, open arena is key.

Spirit visits children because they notice and can see Spirit – no one has told them it isn’t real yet, like perhaps a few people have told you along the way ~ Amanda Linette Meder

No two children are the same, nor are their sets of psychic abilities. A child may suddenly display an uncanny capacity for clairsentience, or having lucid dreams, where no such gift was apparent before. Abilities may change over time; they may come and go.

Western culture places a great deal of emphasis on traditional academic learning, but very little on spiritual development or unstructured playtime. It’s crucial to let each child develop and grow on their own terms. Also, we, as their adult caregivers, must embrace this side of our children, for we, too, were once children!

As the parent, teacher, or caregiver of an intuitive child, it’s possible for you to learn along with them, or perhaps re-learn what you’d forgotten over time. It’s a journey you can make together. Scheduling time in a busy day for open discussion, exploration, and discovery is a precious gift to give to a child, even more than structured activities outside of school.

Having an intuitive child in your life can be unnerving. They may tell you things that seem to you untrue, or impossible. For example, many children are able to see or communicate with the spirits of deceased loved ones. This is naturally an emotional trigger for adults. Try to see things from the child’s point of view. These spirits, or perhaps the child’s imaginary friend, are clearly important, and they have messages to give to us. The more we open up to children and are honest, the more they will feel comfortable sharing.

I get frustrated when I see quizzes meant to quantify psychic abilities in kids. There is more to the souls of our beautiful, glorious children than tallying points on how psychic or spiritual they are! ~ Sara Wiseman

All children are given different gifts, and it can be tempting for us to label them based on our own perceptions and desires. Much as the old proverb tells us, if you deprive a turtle of its shell, you deprive it of being a turtle. Learn to listen to, grow with, and ask the right questions of these intuitive children, and you’ll find that their rich and spiritual world is one definitely worth exploring along with them.

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