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The Ancient Art Of Smudging

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThere are many effective ways to purify ourselves of old baggage or toxins in our lives. A great place to start is a very ancient art popular among indigenous peoples known as “smudging.” This refers to the burning of sacred or blessed herbs, or grasses to cleanse yourself and your space.

If you are just beginning try burning sage, one of the most popular and fragrant herbs. As you become more adept, you may want to customize your herbal blend. Bundles may be purchased at an esoteric store, or a Native American or natural market, and burned in a vessel of your choice.

Before you start, make sure there are no fire hazards and open a window or two for ventilation. When you light your sage stick, make sure you are only using the leaves and not the other parts.

Many people smudge before any other ceremony, to start the day, or before and after a serious discussion. For us, this is a very real ceremony. After doing it, we feel better, our energy feels lighter, and so the day goes better ~ Shannon Thomas

All these steps must be done with intent and purpose. You are dealing with powerful energies, so make it clear to the universe what you hope to accomplish. Are you letting go of a past relationship? Clearing out bad energy from a room in your house? Verbalize these intentions, and if possible, write them down.

You’ll want to use a nature-based vessel if you can, such as a handmade clay bowl or humanely harvested shell. Your smudge bundle will start to smolder after you blow out the flame. The smoke it releases is symbolic, and its energy can help “clear the air.”

As the smoke fans out, use its power. Some people choose to use their hands; others may prefer turkey or other birds’ feathers. Imagine the tendrils of smoke washing over your body, a room in your house, or anything else that needs to be freed of bad energy. As you smudge, you may wish to pray or meditate in the tradition of your choice, thanking your higher power for the blessing.

If you are purifying your house or another building, walk around its perimeter so that the smoke can fill each part. There is no time limit in your smudging ceremony and it isn’t a race, so be sure and take your time. Like each person’s spiritual traditions, there is no “right” or “wrong” way. You’ll feel when it’s right for you!

Smoke from herbs like sage have the potential of seizing the positive ion in the air molecule and extracting it. The positive ion is the electric charge in air that can be harmful to you.  It is suggested that heavy, dense energies are carried by these positive ions. So removing them breaks down those energies ~ Luc Bourgault

When you have completed your smudging work, extinguish your sage fully. The ashes are symbolic of what you have let go, and it must be treated with respect too. Many choose to release the ashes to the earth with an affirmation.

As with all steps of your personal ceremony, be mindful and reverent. Any time you are working with elemental forces, the universe hears our intentions, good or otherwise.

After you have conducted your first smudging ritual, you may wish to have another, or make it a regular habit. If you’re interested in customizing it to a particular tradition, seek out a practitioner in that tradition, if you can, so that he or she can give you words of wisdom. Smudging, like any other spiritual practice, helps us better know ourselves, and the more we know going in, the better!

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