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We All Have Precognitive Dreams

Get a free reading right now at PsychicAccess.comMany people would tell you they’ve had a precognitive dream at some point in their lives. In short, this means a dream that has shown a part of the future. Literature, myth and history are full of such dreams, from antiquity to the sinking of the Titanic. But how much truth is there to the idea of dreaming the future?

Researchers propose that over half of the population regularly has precognitive dreams. The problem is, we also forget the vast majority of dreams within a minute or two of waking. It is an ability that has to be practiced and refined just like any other.

Anyone who is serious about dreams will keep a journal. It’s best to keep the journal right next to the bed in order to record the dreams as soon as possible. After time, a journal will help you start to see patterns, images and recurring symbols within your dreams. Think of how a large jigsaw puzzle at first seems random. Then, as more pieces are put into place, a larger picture starts to emerge.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams ~ Franklin Roosevelt

Many precognitive dreams involve loved ones, friends, or even famous people. A well-known case from history involved the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. We tend to dream about people who matter to us a great deal. Before you sleep, try to visualize those people in your mind. If, for example, your mother is traveling by air, see her face and the details of the trip. It is said we cannot control what we dream about, but this technique will allow greater control.

The feeling we call déjà vu is in fact the residue from precognitive dreams. All of us, at some time, have had the sense that we have seen, heard, or experienced something before, although we know we haven’t. This means we have all had precognitions without realizing them! Take note of these situations: when they occur, whom we meet, the details of the setting. Compare side by side with a dream journal and see the similarities.

Of course, lots of people want to have certain kinds of precognitive dreams: winning lottery numbers, the outcome of a football game, their future spouse’s name, and so forth. This is perhaps taking the idea too literally. Our dreamscapes represent the realm of infinite possibilities. There are more dimensions than we can ever hope to count. What we see in dreams represents only a tiny fraction of all these possibilities. Keep an open mind.

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