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Dealing With Complex Energies In One Reading

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When psychic does a reading we often pick up on more than one energy, because our spirit guides work in many directions at the same time. Sometimes all these energies can sometimes make a psychic reading very complex.

For example, in a reading I may pick up on the energy of three people at the same time – all of them associated with the situation in a different way. The first person may be a female who is very shy. She has a crush on someone and she is very nervous around this person. She is scared and nervous about talking to this man. She had been on dates before in the past and she had been hurt a lot, so it is hard for her to start a conversation.

When I shift to the man’s energy I might sense that his energy level is very calm and he had a good day, and he was relaxing. So, now I am dealing with two types of energy levels – one at peace and the other very nervous.

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated ~ Confucius

Then a third energy might come in from someone from the man’s past. I might see a look he had on his face after he got a text message on his cell phone. I can see it was not good. He has this worried look on his face. The other energy was a very hurtful woman and she said very mean things to him in his past.

To differentiate between all these different energies is sometimes challenging for the psychic. It helps if the client is calm and centered during the reading.

When I get a call from a client who is very upset or at a major crossroads, I ask them to take a few deep breaths, because their ‘mood elevator’ is at a floor that does not help the energy flow in the reading. I am hoping when I ask them to do this, it will calm them down and an improve greater clarity and focus in the energies coming during the session.

Please, before you call your favorite psychic for a reading, take time out to calm yourself and focus your mind. This will contribute a great deal to getting a more focused and clear reading.

About The Author: Raymond

Growing up on the streets of Columbus Ohio, Raymond learned at a very young age that he was gifted in many ways, including the ability to read someone's eyes and using a regular deck of playing cards to read the future! His mother was from a Native American family, namely the Black Foot tribe, and his father was German. Raymond discovered that both sides of his family had a psychic legacy. Over the years he has gained additional knowledge from books and by talking to trusted family members. Raymond has been doing psychic reading for others for over 3 decades, and over the years he gained many loyal clients from all walks of life. Visit Raymond for a reading at

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