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Don’t Take Everything Personally!

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe best gift you will ever give yourself is learning how not to take things personally.

I was talking with a dear client in free chat on Psychic Access the other day and she mentioned that while it had been a hard road, she had finally gotten to the point where she didn’t take things personally anymore. I was so happy, I did the happy dance right there in my chair, yes I did! And this is a person whom, as so many of us walking this earth, has been dealt over the years more bad cards than any one person should.

So if she can learn this very valuable lesson, do you, dear reader, think that it is possible for you to do the same? Are you really ready for an act of incredible bravery? Because that is what this is, you know. Releasing the need to blame others; questioning others for why they are doing what it is you may perceive they are doing to you… it is incredibly freeing!

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Taking things personally, and please don’t take this personally (although if you do that’s your choice), is the coward’s way out. Because at the end of the day, not everything has to do with you. To you, of course it does. But to someone else, they experience the same joys, the same pains, the same fears as you do. And they could have a trigger – something that happens that makes them react to a certain situation. And then you take it personally, which just triggers your own set of fears. You can see where this could get tricky and way too deep for comfort pretty darn quick.

I say to you, let’s not and say we did. Because believe me, there is nobody in the world that will take things more personally than a psychic reader. And nobody who will learn that lesson harder than that same psychic reader, because we are bred to help, to heal. And when a client refuses to allow us to do so, despite all our best efforts, we feel it so deeply it can actually make us physically ill sometimes.

Great tranquility of heart is his who cares for neither praise nor blame ~ Thomas à Kempis

Free yourself from the need to take all things to heart. Yes, I know it can be a bit much to swallow that not everything is about you. But why would you want it to be? Life is meant to be savored, not censored. And by taking things personally you practice the worst form of censorship there is – that of censorship of an individual souls’ right to simply be. And in the final analysis you wouldn’t want that for yourself – indeed you rail against it!

Live, and let live, and life will become that much easier for it. Make an experiment – try it for one day. I’d be very interested to know who takes me up on that challenge… so I boldly throw the gauntlet down! Post your own results from your experiment below. I’ll check back! And if you don’t, I promise I won’t take it personally, because isn’t that what this is all about?

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3 Responses to Don’t Take Everything Personally!

  • The best advice ever – not to take things personally.
    When I was a little child, I took everything personally, so I wept every day. First step to the rigt way not to take things personally was to stop tell everything to some close relatives, especially my mum…she always changed my stories by very bad way.
    Sometimes I read sad stories about bullying. Suicide etc. Very simple thing for everyone – you are bullied by names that are not in your documents (passport, ID, driving licence etc.) Why do you answer? If you answer, it means you are that!
    One teenager girl was into trouble because some boys from other side of road loudly called: “Cow!”
    I asked her: “Are you a cow?”
    She said: “No…”
    “So, why do you react? You have your name and it is only way to call you. If somebody calls other names, it is not for you. But if you react on “cow” you are the cow… Are you a cow?”
    “No”, she said and lesson was sucessful.
    Any parent or aunt or uncle or grandparent can do this simple lesson for a child.
    My best advisers were my beloved Granny and father, but later my uncle vicar. And books, of course! Love book reading… and now I am old, I love short short story writing. It is time to tell my life experience and opinion.
    Kind regards

  • Hi Aina— well said! Good for you—and I hope that your short stories will help others to see what similarities there are between us all, and maybe then we can move away from the so called differences. Thank you for sharing your story with me, with us, here at Psychic Access.

  • Outstanding blog. Its got some great personal views. I had this sent via a Friend. Thanks and I will keep dropping by.

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