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Gauchito Gil – The Cowboy Saint

CLICK HERE for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThere are many saints not officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, or by any other religion for that matter. One of the most popular among them is Antonion Gil, better known as the Gauchito Gil (Little Gaucho Gil). His popularity rose exponentially in the last few decades and he is considered miraculous by many people who venerate him. He might not be properly canonized, but he is informally considered to be a saint in Argentina. His cult is so widespread that everyone in the country at least knows of his existence.

When traveling from one town to another in the Argentine provinces, it is very common to see a tree with many red ribbons blowing in the wind, and underneath it a small wooden case that holds an image of Gauchito Gil. In some places there are even a small temple, or even a church dedicated to this saintly figure. None of them are recognized officially by the Catholic Church, but the service of a priest is not uncommon.

Gauchito Gil’s life came to a tragic end 142 years ago, on January 8, 1878, near Mercedes, Corrientes, in Argentina. His executioners were a group of policemen who had to transfer him to the courts of Goya, but who decided instead to execute him on the way there.

Gil was accused of being a deserter and a matrero (someone who lives in isolation to be out of reach from the law). But the laborers and peasants in the area knew him instead as a warrior for justice, who protected the weak, relieved the sick and avenged the humiliated. His enemies considered him a fearsome expropriator, as well as a healer capable of making people fall in love with him, or paralyzing them with his powerful eyes.

But the fact is, whether Gaucho Gil is an official saint or not seems to matters little. For now, he remains extremely popular in Argentina – even more so than official Catholic saints. The evolution of devotion around him is evidence of this, and remains cause for fulfillment among the people who believe in his power ~ Eric Maroney

It is believed he was shot, or slaughtered, and hanged by a tree. Before he died, he warned that they should not execute him. “Don’t kill me. A letter proving that I’m innocent is going to come to you soon.” The executioner replied, “You will not be saved.” Gauchito Gil then said, “When the letter arrives you will also receive the news that your son is sick, and he will die. Pray in my name and your son will be saved.”

After killing him, the sergeant returned home and found his son gravely ill. He prayed for his safekeeping to Gauchito Gil and his son was indeed cured as promised.

The place where Gauchito died has since become a pilgrimage sanctuary. Here, year after year, thousands of people come to pay tribute and leave their offerings: prayers, candles and red ribbons. For being a “liberal” (a political movement during the 19th century), Gauchito Gil is identified with the color red. That is why his devotees carry flags of that color, as well as offer candles, flowers, small crucifixes and fruits.

But this is not the only temple dedicated to him. The faithful devotees of Gauchito Gil have also disseminated thousands of other sanctuaries along the country’s routes, from Jujuy to Ushuaia.

His followers believe that Gauchito Gil grants everything: health, money, work, love, or even a miracle. Myth or legend, in his home province he has been venerated for over a 100 years and the cult has spread also to the rest of the country.

To place a prayer for the Gauchito, one must to write it on a red ribbon, and tie it at night around the branch of a tree, a fence, or a even a stick planted in the ground. His believers also light a red candle and, with the same color ribbon as a rosary, a prayer is said.

His annual feast attracts about 300,000 people to Corrientes every year and his celebration is the biggest event to ever happen in the province.

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