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Changing Your Future

click for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comWorking with my clients to co-create a  future outcome is one of the aspects of doing psychic readings which I enjoy the most. Setting the right intention for a future manifestation not only helps them with the issue they initially consulted me about, but also tends to improve every area of their life.

It is likely if someone carries an imbalance in one area of life, it’s bound to show up in other areas too. For example, if you know someone who struggles in their love life, because they’re always hopping from one relationship to the next, it’s more than likely that person displays the same behavior at work and with many other decisions and choices in their life.

These habitual behavior patterns take hold in our lives for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, our childhood upbringing, society, genetics, and our astrological birth chart. However, I don’t believe these patterns fully define us, or that we are permanently bound by them. Whether one is born a saint or a sinner, rich or poor, privileged or not, when a person awakens from the myth of who they thought they were, and stops running away from their fears, they can decide to change their future and allow success into their life.

This is where the magic comes in. The simple act of ‘deciding’ something, even in the face of discouragement, is when we align with the powerful forces of the Universe to co-create the life we really want! I’ve seen this in Astrology, with even the most difficult astrological chart aspects. When someone wakes up, or realizes that they are an unlimited being, their entire world shifts. I’m a firm believer that we come here to transcend our astrological chart, not be imprisoned by it.

You are the author of your life. If you don’t like how it goes, write it differently ~ Iva Kenaz

Success belongs to everyone, and no one is favored or given special privileges. I’ve seen with my clients that success comes to those who are open to all possibilities. Being open, curious, and receptive, makes for great ingredients to start drawing success and happiness into your life.

However, when we lock on to something too strongly, the Universe doesn’t have room to get in to bring us the ideal blessing – one we may like even more than what we were holding onto. Often, when something isn’t going the way we wished, the Universe has something better in store for us.

We see this so well represented in the Tarot’s Four of Cups card. The figure in the card is looking down at three chalices, while not noticing a fourth chalice being gifted to him from the hand of Spirit. When we are too tightly focused on a problem, we start spiraling downward and it begins a viscous cycle of thinking we will not get what we want.

To witness miracles unfold in your experience, count your blessings and be thankful. Perceived small blessings accumulate to be the most powerful ~ T.F. Hodge

The Tarot card that follows sequentially after the Four of Cups is of course, the Five of Cups, where we see a person who is deeply sad and experiencing a loss of some kind. The cloaked figure in the Five of Cups is looking down at three cups that are spilled over, but not seeing the other two that remain standing behind him. The message with the Four and Five of Cups is that not all is ever lost, if we will only look for the golden nugget being offered to us as a spiritual lesson for us to grow and transcend our life and our future.

The Universe wants only the best for your highest good. Take time each day to commune with your heart and with Spirit. If you become curious and are open, miracles will be happening every moment.

About The Author: Isadora

Known as The Psychic's Psychic, since 1998, Isadora has read for thousands all over the world, her impressive list including clients from the Obama administration, Fortune 500 CEO's and notable names in Hollywood. Her detailed (Gemini) accuracy is nothing short of astounding, with her ability to see people at the Soul Level and clearly answer questions on a wide range of subjects, from relationship matters, business decisions, to past lives, etc.—anything that requires clear answers and pin-point insight. She has the ability to identify hidden patterns that run beneath your current situation, providing you with information to positively change your future. If you'd like a reading with this compassionate, straight forward, laser-accurate and dedicated Psychic, you can find Isadora at

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