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Recovery From Psychic Attack

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIf you’ve been feeling depressed, in pain, or just out of sorts without quite knowing why, it may be that you’ve been on the receiving end of a psychic attack. Someone may be deliberately intending harm by sending negative energies at you, through fear, anger, or jealousy, or else it may take the form of an inadvertent ‘side-swipe.’ This may even come from people you care about! Whatever the case is, psychic attack is just as real and harmful as an actual physical assault. Most of us have been a victim at some point in our lives.

You never seem to hear about psychic occult attack in spiritual literature.  This knowledge has been conveniently forgotten ~ Dr. Frederick Lenz

The good news is that there are many ways to heal from these attacks, in the same way we would take care of ourselves following physical illness or injury. Asking your angels and spirit guides is the first, and best, way to start. These beings are healing and love personified. They can take on the burdens that we ourselves cannot carry. As they take away the pain, imagine that they are converting this negative energy into something equally positive. We know energy cannot be destroyed entirely, but it can be converted for the better.

This is also a key to remember: don’t try to send back the harm inflicted upon you. Ever hear the saying that we shouldn’t fight fire with fire? It’s the same idea. If we try to attack those who have harmed us, we’re only adding to the problem, not helping to solve it. There’s a reason many spiritual traditions include the idea of loving our enemies. When we begin to practice love instead of hate, this is following the natural order of the universe instead of fighting it.

Knowing and taking care of your spiritual self is also highly beneficial when it comes to your defense and healing. Just as our bodies can heal quickly when we take care of them, our spirits are the same. Focusing on inner serenity, as well as the welfare of others, helps us to better identify and deflect these potential attacks before they ever happen. When we include those who would do us harm in our psychic work, we’re less likely to be targeted.

Only that which is divine may enter. All that is less than divine, which is illusion, must leave now. This will remain so. So be it ~ Amorah Quan Yin

Of course, there will be times when we are simply blind-sided by an attack that we did not see coming. When this happens, we can take time to consciously release the energy back to the universe. In whichever way you practice, invite your angels and guides to work with you. Express that you are letting go of that negativity. If you wish, burning a white candle may help visualize this process. Imagine taking a cup full of water and emptying its contents into a much larger body. Before long, all the harmful components have diluted.

The recovery and healing process may take longer depending on the severity of an attack, but the end result will be the same. Forgiveness is a powerful factor; don’t overlook it! When we forgive those who have done us harm, we move closer to the heart of wisdom and love at the very center of our universe.

About The Author: Mystic Shelley

Mystic Shelley is a five-star psychic, Reiki healer, clairvoyant and empathic reader. She offers her clients honest answers about past, present and future events with the help of her trusted guides. She reads in the area of love, relationships, career, money and all matters of life. Mystic Shelley was born with talents that would later mark her as a gifted psychic, but she chose not to embrace them early on. In her 30’s, a not-so-chance meeting with a celebrated psychic set her on a course that awakened her gifts. Born with the gifts of clairvoyance and empathy, her psychic mentor helped her to expand those abilities, taking her talents to the next level. With experience came proficiency and today she has a growing list of devoted clients who sing her praises. In addition, she’s also actively assisted other psychics to open up to their abilities. If you are looking for direct and honest answers get a reading with Mystic Shelley now at

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