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Déjà Vu Comes From Alternate Dimensions

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHave you ever had the feeling you have been somewhere before, or done something before? We all experience déjà vu from time to time. There are various scientific and spiritual theories for this phenomenon. Personally, I believe the answer can be found in alternate realities.

It is believed by some experts that there are an infinite number of dimensions existing in the same place at the same time. It is further believed that you and I are currently in the third dimension or density. And, it is believed that those other dimensions are on alternate timelines. Some are parallel to our timeline, some are ahead of ours, and some behind us. Some people even believe that for every major decision we make an alternate dimension is created in which we choose differently.

If you are wondering how these dimensions can exist in the same place at the same time, then consider a radio. I can tune in to a 100 different stations on a single radio, by simply changing the channel or frequency. The same holds true for dimensions. They exist on different frequencies. If we raise our frequency enough, we get a glimpse into alternate dimensions.

There are many, many, many worlds branching out at each moment you become aware of your environment and then make a choice ~ Kevin Michel

It is also believed that each one of us also exist in these alternate dimensions. I believe when we go to sleep at night, and our soul wanders, it visits itself in these other dimensions. And, when we experience things such as déjà vu, when we feel as though we have been somewhere or done something before, we are remembering experiences we had while we were visiting ourselves in one of the other dimensions, where time is ahead of our current time here.

Whenever I experience déjà vu, I get the distinct feeling I have dreamt of the experience before. Sometimes, I can even remember when I had the dream. And, I can recall how the incident will play out. I don’t believe this to be true for all dreams. I know we visit the astral plane and other states of consciousness. But, I keep a journal of most of my dreams. And, the more I write down, the easier it is to recall them. I have noticed a distinct connection between dreams and déjà vu and simply visiting myself elsewhere…

About The Author: Dawn Star

Dawn Star is a Master Tarot reader, relationship specialist, numerology and palm reading expert from Nebraska who rose to her full psychic potential after coming back from a near death experience. Powerful mentors on the other side gave her a crash course on her abilities, and then brought her back with a powerful mission to benefit mankind through her psychic talents. In her twenty year practice, she has solved murders, found missing children and watched traumatic events unfold, ahead of time. A seeker of Truth, Dawn Star's stunning Truths can be made available to you with a reading at

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