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Just Let it Go

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comCan you imagine how wretched you would feel if you kept trying to wear a pair of shoes at age 30 that fit you when you were 6? The pain would be unimaginable, excruciating and intense. You would cripple yourself and in all likelihood be unable to walk, be unable to move.

But you wouldn’t do that, right? That doesn’t make any sense, you say. Well, of course it doesn’t make any sense. And of course you’d never try to do that, because they wouldn’t fit you anymore!

At certain times in our lives it becomes really important to acknowledge that something or someone just doesn’t fit us anymore.

Is a person any different from a pair of shoes in this context? Of course not. Yet so often we keep on trying to make a person fit into our lives. We bend ourselves out of shape, trying so hard to make this person fit, when in fact their time, just like the old pair of shoes, has by now long come and gone.

Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it ~ Ann Landers

A round peg can never fit into a square hole. It will always rattle around, never being able to be truly content, always seeking to fill the space. If we could only see there is in fact a square peg for a square hole, and a round peg for a round hole.

Why do we sometimes continue to take precious time to make something fit that no longer suits us? I suppose the answer lies in human nature. We long for the familiar, we ache to belong. Once we feel we have hit something, somewhere or someone that we may belong to, we are loathe to let go, in fear that we may never have that feeling again.

But I promise you, you will have that feeling again, and probably an even better feeling. The only constant is change. If we don’t keep moving we stagnate. We have to realize that sometimes the old and comfortable shoes are falling apart, they have no use left, and in fact they wish that you would leave them alone in the closet with all the other old shoes.

For everything there is a time, and a space, and a season. Why delay the rest of your life, and very possibly something that fits you even better, by holding on to what no longer suits you? Take a chance and stop looking back. Stop holding on. Let it go.

Just let it go. If it is meant to come back it will. You can’t fight fate. So, just keep moving and you will make your way right to the perfect place and time. And then the only looking back you’ll need to do is wonder what took you so long in the first place.

About The Author: Asherah

Asherah is a natural born psychic empath born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. An ordained Reverend and High Priestess, Asherah can easily tap into your real truth and help you to see clearly, releasing attachment to outcome by simply focusing on where you are now. Using tarot, numerology astrology and can learn how to communicate your needs today! You can get a psychic reading from Asherah at

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