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Saturn Squaring Nodes Of Fate

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comSaturn is currently in the sign of Aquarius until March 7th, 2023. To honor this placement, let us consider what’s important for the collective and the world. We are in challenging times. A time weighed down by the Nodes of Fate, signalling that important decisions are to be made for humanity as a whole.

And we are all being asked to step-up and take responsibility (Saturn), to plan for the future (Saturn in Aquarius), and firm up our foundations with dogged determination (Saturn in Aquarius).

The time has come to fill in the gaps, and set up new rules and boundaries (Saturn), if we are to evolve on earth in a manner built on integrity (Saturn).

Weighty words indeed, but this is Saturn (Cronus) we’re talking about: a fellow in Greek mythology you don’t want to mess around with. A severe Titan he was the Lord of the Universe, but he feared he’d be overthrown by one of his children, in the same way he forced his own father, the sky god, Uranus, to flee Dodge.

Why would Cronus/Saturn do such a thing to his father? It was a choice he made to stand up for his family; for his mother who was grieving over the monstrous injustices done to her children who were imprisoned by their father, Uranus, in the pits of Tartarus.

Cronus was the strongest of the Titans and took up the challenge to do the right thing. When one is fearless and faces the future (Aquarius) with an eye toward humanity, instead of the selfish needs of the self (low side of Saturn), one can achieve great works that will be rewarded.

If there’s anything we learned from Saturn’s previous dive into Aquarius, it’s that we’re stronger together, and we can make things happen if we work together for the greater good ~ Elizabeth Gulino

But when Cronus later gave in to fear, dreading that one of his children will overthrow him, his solution was to swallow each of his newborn children. His wife, Rhea, is lonely and heartbroken and decides to act. Shrewdly, she has her husband swallow a stone (symbol of Saturn), instead of her newborn son, Zeus/Jupiter. Rhea then quickly sequesters Zeus/Jupiter away to the Isle of Crete, where he is looked after beautifully by nymphs in a cave.

Cronus’ horrific decision to swallow his own newborns has consequences (another Saturn trait) he ultimately had to face. Zeus/Jupiter’s clever wife, Metis, tricks Cronus into swallowing herbs that would, as he thought, make him invincible. Instead, he becomes ill and coughs up Zeus/Jupiter’s five siblings imprisoned in his belly: Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Demeter and Hera. The siblings join forces with their brother Zeus, and together, as an Aquarian group, they defeat Cronus, paving the way for a benevolent (Jupiter) King of the Gods to take the throne on Mount Olympus.

It’s amazing how grand truths are woven into fanciful myths. Saturn’s story for us all in April involves the tense aspect of Saturn squaring the Nodes of Fate, challenging us to make important, better decisions – not out of fear (the low side of Saturn), but out of love for humanity (Aquarius/Leo polarity) that will build a better tomorrow for what could be a golden age to come.

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