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Deepen Your Meditation With Crystals And Stones

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI recently expanded my meditation practice to include the use of crystals and stones. This is a great way to connect with a specific intention or personal growth goal.

I found that the more I practice meditating with crystals, the more I can experience a higher frequency energy, as well as deeper states of meditation. I find that setting intentions while meditating with crystals and stones every morning, enhances and magnifies my results.

To introduce crystals to your spiritual practice, I recommend you start with Quartz and Selenite crystals.

Quartz crystal brings clarity of mind and can help you be more focused and clear about your wishes and desires for the future. Quartz also amplifies the energy of any other crystal, making it ideal for any meditation.

Selenite crystal is beneficial for meditation because it clears the mind and promotes relaxation. Selenite facilitates the release of negative energy and blockages, and enables calm energy to flow through your body.

Other types of crystals can also be useful in meditation, as long as long as they have healing properties or resonating energies that are in line with what you hope to achieve during your meditation.

For those who are diligent and patient selenite can open the door to enlightenment beyond measure; which is why this is one of my absolute favorite healing crystals to work with ~ Kels Sakos

Certain crystals and stones work especially well to open the higher consciousness of one’s mind. The most powerful are those in the blue gemstones family, purple crystals, and white stones. These are the colors associated with the higher chakras, which enables us to better receive direction from the Universe.

Amethyst helps to calm your mind, which is why it makes a wonderful healing gemstone to meditate with. Amethyst healing properties also include bringing clarity of mind and connection to your feelings on a deeper level.

Azurite is also known for its ability to clear the mind and helps you to connect to your inner wisdom. It expands your consciousness to be able to focus in on what is important. If your mind is racing and it’s hard to think straight, meditating with the Azurite can bring focus.

Celestite helps one to transition to a peaceful state of awareness. It assists in tapping into psychic and intuitive abilities. This stone can provide a great connection to spirit when meditating, which helps one to receive guidance and inspiration.

Labradorite deepens meditation and raises your consciousness. It is known to stimulate inner awareness, opening our mind to discover the true self. Labradorite often helps one to uncover your life purpose.

Lepidolite helps with anxiety, as it soothes thoughts and promotes a calm state of mind. These stones can be a great tool when meditating if you are feeling anxious, worrisome or stressed, as it will ease overwhelming thoughts and guide you back to a peaceful mind.

The Selenite healing properties hold the energy of the light and it feels good. When I hold Selenite wand or stone, I know I am holding a piece of Mother Nature’s most magnificent creation.  ~ Heather Askinosie

Once you have chosen your crystals and stones for meditation you are ready to go! Keep in mind that you are in control of what meditation style is right for you, as well as which crystals or stones. There is no right or wrong way. I suggest experimenting with the crystals and stones and using your intuition as you deepen your practice.

When meditating with crystals and stones, hold them in your hands or lay them on your body. You can reference which chakra zone to focus on during your meditation and set your intention on.

As you being to meditate, focus on the crystal or stone, sensing the energy it brings to you. Breathe in the energy of your intention and fill your mind with the purpose that you are focusing on at that time. Relax your mind and body by focusing the release and relaxation from the top of your head to your toes. Stay with the deep breathing and meditative state for as long as you need, as this time will bring deeper awareness. When you are done, open your eyes and thank the universe for the gifts it is bringing to you.

About The Author: Amy

Amy resides in Arizona, but through her extensive travels, she has accumulated much knowledge and love for other cultures. She is a member of the Southwest Tarot Readers Association and follows her local Arizona chapter of Astrology. Amy has been a featured guest on metaphysical radio shows, she's provided readings at conferences and corporate events, has delivered lectures on developing your own psychic abilities, and she has shared her expertise on Tarot and Astrology, having earned her certification in both disciplines. Amy grew up seeing orbs and feeling energies but brings over twenty years of practical experience to the table as an accurate Psychic, Tarot Reader, Astrologer and Medium. She has read for hundreds of clients, including one very high-profile crooner! She is always expanding her metaphysical tool belt, offering her clients many delights on her magical menu, including channeling, dream life interpretation, crystal healing, and past life exploration. If you'd like a powerful reading that will also empower you to lead a happier, more rewarding life, you can find Amy at

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