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The Ideal Career According To Your Zodiac Sign

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAstrology is a great tool for identifying your ideal career and the kind of employment that will fulfill your longing for soulful, meaningful work. Here are a few guidelines for the different signs of the zodiac and the careers they are typically drawn to, and may thrive in.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Energetic, impatient and independent Fire signs tend to crave adventure and love a challenge.

Aries is enthusiastic and outspoken as natural-born leaders. They prefer jobs that involve a certain amount of risk or challenge, such as fire fighting, law enforcement, competitive sports or the military. Any career that recognizes initiative, ambition and the ability to overcome many obstacles is ideal for them.

Leo loves being in the limelight and being in charge. They’re often drawn to careers that will bring them the respect and appreciation they desire. Of course, acting and any career in the entertainment field would be a perfect fit. But any profession that allows them to be the center of attention is a natural for them.

Sagittarius loves to be engaged with life and enjoy talking, writing, teaching and traveling. They’re well-suited to careers in education, publishing, law and the travel industry. Always energetic, Sagittarians prefer being outdoors and can’t stand any sort of job that keeps them stuck behind a desk.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life ~ Confucius

Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

These dedicated workers seek stable careers that will provide them with a sense of security and stability.

Taurus is extremely reliable and dependable. They usually appreciate solid, practical careers like engineering or construction. Banking, accounting and financial management also allows them to put their pragmatic skills to work. Some Taureans tend to be very good with their hands and can even put this to some good creative or artistic use.

Virgo is perfectionistic and do well in jobs that require great attention to detail. They’re natural critics, editors, technical writers, researchers, statisticians, technicians and craftsmen of any kind. They also have a natural affinity for careers in the field of health care.

Capricorn tends to be focused and responsible and often make good executives, politicians, bankers or financial managers. They’re usually hard workers who are willing to do whatever it takes to slowly rise up through the ranks until they achieve a position of power and authority. Any career that rewards hard work and perseverance is a good fit.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

These signs love to be active and need variety. They often seek out jobs that will allow them the opportunity to engage with others as much as possible.

Gemini seeks variety and like jobs that will keep them busy. They tend to be very energetic and don’t want to sit still or be quiet for long. They often have a way with words and can make good teachers, journalists, broadcasters, promoters, publicists and salespeople.

Libra usually knows how to make just about anything look better. Because of this, they often do very well in the beauty or fashion industry, as designers, cosmetologists, or hair and make-up artists. Their keen eye for beauty and harmony can also make them well-suited for careers in photography or interior design.

Aquarius can be a little eccentric and are often drawn to careers that are a little off the beaten path. They also love anything modern and forward-thinking. They are often interested in careers that involve computers, video games and other sort of high-tech or electronic gadgets.

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it ~ Katherine Whitehorn

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

These signs tend to seek jobs they can become emotionally invested in, but something that won’t be too stressful or overly demanding.

Cancer is drawn to careers that allow them to take care of other people’s needs and make them feel more comfortable or secure. That could mean working in a restaurant, hotel, or any other area of the food or hospitality industry. Cancers can be very nurturing and are a natural fit for the child-care industry.

Scorpio enjoys positions of power, but often prefer working behind the scenes. They’re interested in any career that involves getting to the bottom of things, which makes them perfect for any kind of research or detective work. They also do well in insurance, financial management, and business or tax law.

Pisces is very sensitive and compassionate and usually prefer work that allows them to help others in some way. Highly spiritual, they always need to feel that there’s a greater sense of purpose to their work. They can also be very creative. Careers in art, writing or music may allow them a great avenue of expression.

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