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The Healing Of Corey

Click picture to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comIn order to sort out the peculiarities of an odd situation that I am trying to decipher here, allow me to give you some background on the person this involves in order that you may draw your own conclusion as to what actually did transpire. And if it appears to you that this might seem just some idle ramblings of mine, I trust at the end of this narration you will be able to connect the dots for yourself, and arrive at a viable conclusion.

There is a young man I know by the name of Corey, who was born in a small town to impoverished parents. He was the youngest of a brood of eleven children. Even though Corey had a baby sister, it became immediately apparent after his birth that he would become the apple of his father’s eye.

In the realm of hatred and anger, and other negative emotions, demons are the masters ~ Alexei Maxim Russell

Corey’s parents had little regard for any of their other offspring, although I will give the mother credit for looking after the children’s basic needs. They were fed and clothed as well as could be expected under those trying circumstances, but none of the siblings ever received so much as a hug. Loving affection was totally unheard of in the home. They were never told they were loved and we can easily believe they never thought of themselves as being loved.

Time passed by and the father continued with his unerring favoritism of his youngest son. Even with limited finances, he still would find ways of giving extras to the little boy. One would think that the rest of the siblings would be envious of this overt attention, but this was not the case. For one thing, Corey was a lovely, engaging youngster and the siblings did find themselves doting on him as well.

Corey expressed an interest in his older sisters dresses as a toddler. They all felt that was because he immediately saw how the sisters were naturally dressed and wanted to emulate them as a sign of flattery, and perhaps it made him feel special at that time. The sisters took great delight in dressing him up as a little doll and even went so far as to name him “Sally.” This was all accomplished with a great sense of fun.

The father eventually lost his meager income job and the mother felt she had no choice but to go out to work herself, despite the fact had her hands full with cooking and cleaning for this great gang. Because she had very little schooling and no training of any kind, she ended up cleaning houses for the more affluent people in town. There she was always assured of work.

After a few years she despaired of her lot in life and took her husband to the big city, to see if she could sustain a better lifestyle for all of them. On their return home, they managed to procure a beautiful red wagon for their idealized young son. No thought was given to perhaps bring something for the other siblings. Only the pleasure of Corey counted in that household.

The sisters and brothers were all overjoyed at such a magnificent item being brought into their home and spent many hours giving each other untold rides. Surprisingly, Corey showed very little interest in this shiny, new toy and went about his business as if it never existed.

It did not take much longer for the family to get loaded up with their scant possessions and make the huge move to the big city. As time went by, Corey became the most enjoyable little creature. He was funny, imaginative and the whole clan would take such pleasure in his many antics. But once he hit puberty, things would slowly begin to change.

When he was six years old, his dad bought him a brand new bicycle, which was nothing less than a miracle, because the family was still living a meager existence, but Corey took no delight in his new bike and very quickly it became a demolished wreck.

No one is exempt, no matter what their life looks like, or what story they tell you. Every life is mix of treasures and traumas ~ Nicole S. Urdang

Also, at this time Corey was sensing that things were not right with this father and his older sister, who was maybe eight years old at the time. The father would take little Susie by the hand and bring her into his bedroom, while the mother was away at work. Not knowing what else to do, Corey would bang on the father’s bedroom door and try to get his sister released. Occasionally this tactic would work and his sister would be able to come out, but sometimes the father just told him to go outside and play. So, what else could a little boy do but comply.

Corey never spoke of these occurrences as time went on and as  he grew older he got into the drug scene and then the drinking started. The most frightening part for me in knowing him was the wall being erected around him. He developed an extremely sharp edge, with such an undercurrent of anger and resentment I am embarrassed to admit that I continually shied away from the darkness he seemed to be enveloped in, and avoided seeing or visiting him as much as I could.

Corey eventually left home, got married and has a lovely family. He became reclusive from his siblings and did not share much of his life. It came as a complete shock to us who knew him quite well, that he had been in the hospital with heart problems. It was only by a quirk of fate that we did find out.

I had an opportunity not too long ago to have a short visit with Corey, and although the dark energy still seemed to engulf him, I sensed there was a sincere desire to reconnect. I suggested that I would like to come and visit him and his family this coming summer. This would be the very first time I have ever been to his home in all the years we have known each other.

We did continue with brief emails, he did explain he was always so busy at work that he did not have much time for correspondence. Well, to my complete surprise, Corey emailed me recently to tell me he was having serious problems with his kidneys and the doctor was not sure what if anything could be done. I replied back my sincere sorrow over this worrisome health issue.

That night during my sleep state I went to visit Corey and told him the doctors would not be able to solve this problem, and I would fix it myself. As my Sources had let me know, this was an undertaking that I could accomplish. I immediately set about accomplishing my goal to make Corey pain and worry free.

Corey’s kidney problem is of course directly related to holding on to old anger and resentment. I smoothly entered Corey’s being and removed a massive amount of negative energy. It was no mean feat, but by the end of the night I felt I could rid him of this burden of anger and pain he was carrying all these many years. The part that totally took me off guard, and this is what I felt I needed to share with you, is that after this was finished a complete female energy with a particular name also freed herself from Corey’s being.

Now, of course, I think back to when little Corey would like to wear dresses. Could this not be because he had shared his being with a female source all this time? This female energy was also so devastatingly enraged as to what was happening to his sister Susie, as only one female can relate to another.

I am drawing my own conclusions as to what happened while I was inside Corey’s being and remember waking up wondering what just happened. I have been inside others before, but never have I met with another completely separate entity. This was such a total surprise, I still am not sure what to make of it, but would ask that you come to your own conclusions on the matter.

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Kitty is a Canadian Intuitive, born into a large family of clairvoyants and clairaudients. A local celebrity, she's been giving accurate predictions in her paper for over fifteen years now, and is often called upon to lead séances and provide readings at Psychic Fairs in Vancouver. A trained counselor, she combines her natural Gifts to detect blockages at their root, and provide detailed psychic information and practical advice for success and happiness. She's helped locate missing items and people, has communicated messages from loved ones who've passed on, and communicates with two Sacred Celestial Beings who are unerring in the startling information they provide. If you'd like to connect with this remarkable Intuitive, whose talent spans generations, you can find Kitty at

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