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My Magic Wand

Get a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comIt is said that “the wand chooses its master” and this is the story of how my wand came to be with me.

Several years ago I worked as a full-time reader at an area psychic store. I loved my job and my clients. The location was perfect and I looked forward to going to work every day. One special day, however, was the start of my journey towards receiving my magic wand.

It started as a normal day with clients coming in to see me, psychic readings to do, and books to marvel at and glance through.  I’d had lunch and was sitting in my room preparing for the afternoon’s arrivals, when I heard the jingle of the front door.

I knew, somehow, that the jingle was meant for me, although I wasn’t expecting anyone for at least another hour. So, I got up and walked towards the front of the store and there was a short, and forgive me for saying it, rather unattractive and ordinary looking man standing there looking at me. He appeared ordinary until you looked into his eyes. They contained wisdom – and something more. I eventually learned that the ‘something more’ was a certain disdain for the human race, but that’s another story.

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper ~ Eden Phillpotts

I said hello to the man and walked behind the counter to look at my book, and sure enough there was a new addition. The counter girl whispered, “That’s your 2:15 I think!”

Walking back to my room I felt sure it wasn’t this person whom I was supposed to read for, because he did not need me to read for him. But all would be revealed as it always is.

When the time came for the reading, I stood as two men entered my room. One was the innocuous man from earlier, and the other was a vibrating, pulsating, breathing being. The being sat down at my table and said, “Hi, my name is Chris.”

The space around us started to glow. A golden aura enveloped us, as his friend sat in the corner and watched us with a strange gleam in his watery-colored blue eyes.

“You’re a truth seeker,” I was able to get out of my stunned mouth, and as I said it Chris, the wonderful being, pulled up his sleeve and in big bold letters the word “truth” was tattooed on his arm.

Chris and I came to be very good friends, extremely close, as did I with the watery-colored person who was like an amoeba, who had no form of his own and wanting to take on the form before him if he could, and you would let him.

Chris and I connected on a spiritual plane the likes of which I never had before, and never have since. He was tremendously psychically gifted and ‘got me’ in a way that left me comforted and understood without ever having to explain myself.

Creativity is a magic wand that works two ways. When you set it in action and seek to create something, it does not just brings into existence that object or work, it also raises in your heart a dream, a hope, and a will to achieve that creation ~ Jyoti Arora

It was Christmas one year and Chris was leaving to go home, and he did not know when he would return. He left me a gift with the instructions not to open it until he had left for the airport. He knew I had been looking for a wand and he knew that I hadn’t found one yet. He traveled to his home state of Maine a lot and as he left he whispered, “I think you’ll like your gift, it was meant to be for you.”

On Christmas Day I opened my gift to find the most exquisite pewter wand with an amethyst point. It had a clear quartz tip, and precious stones throughout, with a pair of butterfly wings sprouting daintily with aquamarine wings in the middle. The card read, “This is your magic wand. Carry it with you wherever you go, and know that I will always be by your side no matter how near or far. Just reach for your wand and it’s the same as reaching for me.”

My wand sits beside me as I type this, ten years later. I hope you are happy, Chris, and I hope you know how much I love our wand, and how much the magic of your friendship meant to me.

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