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April 2020 Weekly Astro Forecasts

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The Libra Full Moon occurs on Tuesday, followed by Mercury’s entry into Aries on Friday. Anything we need to accomplish that involves details or planning is best done on Monday, as the Virgo Moon brings out our organizational skills.

Tuesday’s Libra Full Moon is famous for bringing people from the past into our minds, whether just a fleeting thought or an actual encounter. So, if someone crosses your mind, see if you can find them on social media or give them a call! They might need your friendship, love or emotional support.

We can expect a major burst of energy when Mercury moves into Aries on Good Friday. For the next few weeks, this placement will inspire our hearts and minds, bring out creative talents to the surface and have us seeking out new ways to reach our goals. Easter weekend unfolds under a Sagittarius Moon, as it reminds us that rebirth is upon us and opening the door to new beginnings and renewed life!

April 13 – 19

Monday and Tuesday’s Capricorn Moon will bring out our diligent sides, allowing us to catch up on work, tend to our finances and improve our overall health. Let’s be prepared to change gears on Wednesday though, as the Moon will move into Aquarius and spend the next two days inspiring us to be more social, more globally conscious and more inventive in how we approach life.

The Moon will dance through Pisces over the weekend, evoking our spiritual side. We may not get much tangible work done, but we’ll be renewing our inner lives and reconnecting with our soul.

The Sun’s move into Taurus on Sunday will set the stage for four weeks of intention-setting for future manifestation, as its purpose is to take our dreams and ultimately bring them to life. Grounding, prosperous and stabilizing, the Sun’s journey through Taurus sets the scene for actual success and renewed connections of the heart.

April 20 -26

We’ll be running on all cylinders this week, thanks to powerful astrological energy and the Taurus New Moon on Wednesday! The week starts out with an assertive Aries Moon on Monday and Tuesday, charging up our intents and spurring us into action.

When the New Moon occurs on Tuesday, Taurus energy moves us forward, meticulous, determined and grounded. This surge continues through Friday, making for an incredibly active and productive week in general.

Pluto will turn retrograde on Saturday, but we may not even notice, as this is a subtle aspect. Pluto will spend the next five months traveling ‘backward,’ until early October. This phase is designed to reconnect us with karmic soulmates, help us clear past karma, and to remind us as a generation that we’re obligated to continue sorting through the things in our lives that aren’t working and make a stronger effort for change on both a personal and global level.

The Moon cycles through Gemini over the weekend, making communication, virtual socializing and cruising the information highway our focus. Touch base with your favorite people, update your social media and dive into those new apps and YouTube videos with a passion!

April 27 – May 3

The week begins with Mercury, the planet of communication and messages, moving into Taurus for a few weeks. This makes the ideal time to ask for help, or get further guidance or advice on how to do something, like make repairs, cut your own hair, or move into a more creative realm. Maybe it’s time to paint that next Picasso, or write the great American novel! We’ll have plenty of time to spare this week as things settle down after two weeks of high activity.

The Moon will move through Cancer, Monday through Wednesday, creating a more easy and comfortable tone in the air. Thursday and Friday’s Leo Moon is designed to remind us to love ourselves more, practice generosity, and let our lights shine brightly!

Anything of a detailed or organizational manner is best saved until the weekend, as the Moon travels through Virgo and brings out our meticulous sides. If we’ve been putting off clearing out the garage or the backs of our closets, this is the perfect weekend to purge and finish up that spring cleaning we’ve been meaning to get to.

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