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Create A Vision Board To Manifest Your Soulmate

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA spiritual practice I often recommend to my single clients is the creation of a vision board to manifest one’s soulmate. It serves as a tool for visualizing what you desire in a partner, in order to imagine your way to true love.

To perform this ceremony you will need:

  • 1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 green Candle
  • Vanilla incense
  • 1 rose quartz stone, or rose quartz beads or jewelry
  • A Tarot card deck, or a deck of playing cards
  • A new $20 bill (or the foreign equivalent)
  • 1 poster board 2’x 3′ or larger (foam core is ideal if you want to pin pictures and objects to it, instead of using glue)
  • Glue or pins with which to attach images and objects
  • Cord, ribbon or lace to cover outer edges of the board
  • A lovely photograph of yourself
  • Magazines and collected objects that represent love to you, such as hearts, silk flowers, wedding bells, doves, and so forth

To prepare for the ritual, search through magazines for images or symbols of love. You can also gather small objects that represent love to you. Find an image that closely represents your ideal mate and cut it out for your soulmate board. Then look for other pictures, words, and phrases, to add to your board.

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements ~ Napoleon Hill

This ritual is best done on a Friday or on the eve of a New Moon. Wear pink or green, and play soft instrumental music without vocals, such as New Age or Classical melodies.

To perform the ritual, find a comfortable spot with lots of room to work in, and begin by placing the three candles in front of you, left to right: pink, yellow and green. Light the vanilla incense and then use the incense to light each candle.

Take the Empress, the Emperor and the Lovers cards from the Tarot Deck. If you are using regular playing cards, use the King, Queen and Ten of Hearts. If you are seeking a partner of the same sex, use the King or Queen of Diamonds to represent your partner. If you want to keep your deck intact, make photocopies to paste on to the board instead.

Place the Empress or Queen of Hearts in front of the pink candle, the Lovers or 10 of Hearts in front of the yellow candle, and the Emperor, or King or Queen of Hearts or Diamonds in front of the green candle. Then place the rose quartz on top of the Lovers.

Take your love vision board and trim the outer edges with cord, ribbon or lace. This is more than just a decoration – it will create a protective boundary around the outside. At the top of the board, write: I ask that all contained in this board be manifested in real life. I ask that all the love, partnership and joy depicted here be mine. At the bottom of the board, write: I give thanks to the Universe for the love that I am about to receive.

In the very center of the board, draw or paste a heart, then to the left of the heart, place your photo, and to the right of the heart, place your dream mate’s image. Below this, attach the $20 bill (only real money, not a photocopy) to set your intention and affirm how much you value the love you’re creating. To the left of your photo, attach the Tarot card that corresponds to your soulmate, and to the right of the image of your ideal love, place the Tarot card that represents you. Attach the Lovers card in the center, above the two.

Right now at this very moment we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete happiness ~ Pema Chodron

Create a collage that brings joy to your heart using the rest of your collected items by arranging it around the rest of the board. Leave spaces in between some of the items. When you’ve completed this, use the spaces in between to list more details about what you’d like in a partner. This could be anything from honesty to likes to play golf. Consider what you want physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and write them in the spaces and edges of the board.

Once your board is complete, blow out the candles and keep them for your daily love meditation. Then each day, meditate in front of your soulmate vision board, absorbing the joy the images evoke for you. At the end of the meditation, chant the following for a couple of minutes, “Come manno, come mo.”

This ritual usually creates a lot of activity in the attraction department, so don’t assume the first admirer who shows up to be ‘the one.’ Your inner soul will know true love when it arrives, so let your heart lead the way.

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