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Just Imagine The Possibilities

Visit for a FREE Psychic Reading!John Lennon asked us to “imagine all the people living life in peace”. Now imagine the possibilities if each person learned to express that same peace within themselves. Sooner or later, all people would enjoy true peace. It would spread like wildfire!

Possibilities are something that each being hopes for. Each human, each animal and each tree that is growing. All of living creatures and entities somehow imagine possibilities. But, do they imagine the worst or the best outcome?

Animals expect love. They also crave affection and hope, but always to be loved. Trees hope to grow high, up into the sky, spreading their branches wherever they can, much to the chagrin of some homeowners! But when it comes to humans, it seems we have a different inclination. Do we imagine the best outcome, the best possibility? Or do we tend to envision the worst of the ‘what if’ scenario?

Nothing limits achievement like small thinking; nothing expands possibilities like unleashed imagination – William Arthur

As a professional counselor, psychic empath and astrologer, I can tell you that I very seldom come across clients who are willing to think things just might work out how they hope it will. Herein lays the problem with mankind and possibilities. Our mind set. We have set our mind on a certain thought-process and we believe that is just how it must be, as far as we can see. But we don’t see very far, so where does that lead to?

Change your mind set, change your thinking. Change your outlook and allow possibilities to enter into your consciousness. Instead of wondering why someone abandoned you, or why you ended up in a bad or abusive relationship,  ask yourself what possibilities there may be in your future.

Looking backwards and crying over spilt milk only makes you fall over your own feet. You are only getting in your own way. Just for today, consider the possibilities of what lies ahead. You could just as easily walk out your front door right now and meet the love of your life or bump into that dream job. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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  • I have a problem with looking back and asking why, what if and if only. But I believe I could be happier if I allow myself to imagine the possibilities. To know that life could be good if I puck myself up brush it off and move forward. Most if us can’t imagine moving forward without answers to our questions from the past. This is a brand new direction for me but in going to give it a try.

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