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January 2020 Weekly Astro Forecasts

click here for a free psychic reading a PsychicAccess.comJanuary 6 – 12

This week we’ll really feel the shift from 2019 to 2020, as two major astrological events on Friday will turn our attention to the new things we want to create for the year ahead.

Things start out on a productive note, thanks to Monday’s Taurus Moon, which will help us get organized and back on track after a month of holiday events. Tuesday and Wednesday are jam-packed with information seeking and conversation under the Gemini Moon, as we start to fill our calendars and get back to people we promised we’d call after New Year’s.

Things may seem a bit ethereal on Thursday, under the waxing Cancer Full Moon, which is due to peak on Friday. This Cancer Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse, which will set the tone for the next six months. This is definitely the time to release people, spending habits and activities that are holding us back or interfering with our progress.

Also on Friday, Uranus will resume forward motion after five months of backward motion, bringing our desires for change to life in exciting and unusual ways. Thanks to this weekend’s Leo Moon, we can now make decisions that work for us, void of outside influence or pressure from others. So, let the new year begin!

January 13 – 20

Mercury and Venus change signs this week, shaping our thoughts and desires in wonderful ways. Venus enters Pisces on Monday, amping up our longing for more spiritual and soul-based connections, as well as inspiring our metaphysical outlook on life for the next few weeks.

Accompanied by a Virgo Moon, our idealistic sides tend to take precedence until Wednesday, when the Moon moves into the more balanced tones of Libra. Mercury dashes into Aquarius on Thursday – a sign which reminds us that all things are possible We can now cast aside limits and seek out the innovative, the unusual and the inventive.

Researching new ways to meet our goals will be a theme for the next few weeks, as we ignore reality and explore new ideas and options. The Scorpio Moon makes for an easy-going weekend, allowing us to process and integrate all the new ideas and feelings that have evolved this week.

January 20 – 26

The week begins with the Sun moving into Aquarius, an electric sign of the zodiac that awakens the genius in us all. It’s a breath of fresh air after its month-long stint in Capricorn, where work, responsibility, and obligations have been a priority. We can look forward to four weeks of cultivating new friendships, surfing the information highway and making changes to improve our lifestyles.

The Capricorn Moon on Wednesday and Thursday make these our most productive days of the week, so schedule your most demanding work and projects for these two days. The Aquarius New Moon occurs on Friday, followed by Chinese New Year on Saturday. The year 2020 is the Year of the Rat, which symbolizes new beginnings, success, stability and wealth. The Chinese New Year always follows the Aquarius New Moon, and since both occur in late January, as opposed to the usual February time-frame, we’ll get a head start on the second new year of 2020. Happy Chinese New Year!

January 27 – February 2

At last a fairly quiet week is on the horizon, with no major astrological shifts or aspects. We may find it difficult to get much done anyway, under Monday and Tuesday’s Pisces Moon, so feel free to go with the flow and put off until tomorrow what you thought you’d be getting done today.

The pace picks up again on Wednesday, when the Moon moves into action-oriented Aries, and we can catch up with all that’s been on the backburner. It will stay there until Friday, giving us a three day surge of energy and activity.

The weekend is a great time for clearing out clutter, rearranging the closet and taking care of household chores as the Moon travels through grounded Taurus and compels us to restore personal order on the home front.

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