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Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHaving a Spirit Guide who is there to constantly help and support you can be one of the greatest assets available to all of us. If you are already familiar with your guide, I am sure you would assure others how beneficial this can be. It is not difficult to connect with your own Spirit Guide. It takes only a few quiet moments of meditative visualization… and the rest is easy.

The first thing you need to do is to close your eyes and prepare yourself for an enjoyable journey. Picture yourself outside an enclosed garden with one entrance and one exit. The garden is on a raised platform with steps leading up to it, and it contains the most beautiful array of magnificent flowers that you can imagine. Approach the first step up into the garden. As you place your feet on the first step, take a deep breath and then exhale. Now step up to the second step, take a deep breath and exhale. Then step up to the third step, take a deep breath and exhale, until you reach the entrance.

Making this contact a part of your daily life, is essential to quality communication between you and your guides. When the flow of communication is open on a regular basis, you will be available to receive messages whenever spirit wishes to reach you and whenever you wish to reach them as well ~ Asandra

Next, go through the entrance and see inside the most spectacular sight imaginable with a wide range of colors and perfumes. The first flower is a brilliant orange poppy: proud, strong and filled with glorious love for all. Take your time, stay with the poppy for at least five seconds and enjoy it’s immense beauty.

As you move on, you will notice the vibrancy of the handsome red rose, it’s uncanny aroma filling the whole garden with an aroma that is beyond all comprehension. Stay with the rose, breathe in its nectar and remind yourself of the beauty of the world. Hold it for at least five seconds.

Move on to the friendliness of the brisk yellow daffodil. Sense its power and love for mankind, and embrace it with the same acceptance for all. Stay with the daffodil for at least five seconds, keeping in mind your place in this vast existence.

Continuing along with your mission, you will notice in front of you the persistence of the purple violet: sweet, pleasing and ready to give to all. Embrace the purple of this precious flower as you remind yourself you also have a gift to give.

Last, but certainly not the least, is the cheerfulness of the cheerful bluebell, tinkling in the soft breeze and ready to share its plan with all that are willing to listen. Hold the gentle little bluebell as you would a tender shoot and keep it with you for at least five seconds.

Cultivating a relationship with your Spirit Guide can dramatically improve your quality of life, plus provide a powerful source for you to ask for and receive guidance, help, clarity, and insight on your path. Connecting to your Spirit Guide will also dramatically enhance your spiritual journey in general ~ Naomi Pabst

You are now ready to leave this dream world of color and scent and must prepare yourself to exit this remarkable world of beauty.

Step down to the first step filled with love and acceptance for all who share your world. Step down onto the next step still in a world of awe and joy. Finally you are on the last step filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude for everything you have been presented with.

At last, before you very own eyes in the field just in front of you is your Spirit Guide, waiting to receive and embrace you with a love so profound and deep it keeps you in a place of tranquility for days to come.

Once you have established contact, please be sure to thank your Spirit Guide for coming, knowing it will be with you now in this existence for as long as you have the desire to maintain the connection. Utilize its intelligence, generosity and love, while appreciating how the Spirit Guide is there just for you.

About The Author: Kitty

Kitty is a Canadian Intuitive, born into a large family of clairvoyants and clairaudients. A local celebrity, she's been giving accurate predictions in her paper for over fifteen years now, and is often called upon to lead séances and provide readings at Psychic Fairs in Vancouver. A trained counselor, she combines her natural Gifts to detect blockages at their root, and provide detailed psychic information and practical advice for success and happiness. She's helped locate missing items and people, has communicated messages from loved ones who've passed on, and communicates with two Sacred Celestial Beings who are unerring in the startling information they provide. If you'd like to connect with this remarkable Intuitive, whose talent spans generations, you can find Kitty at

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