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Freedom Of Thought

Click photo for a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comWe can only evolve our awareness and experience of life through free thinking. Without it no advancement can be made in any field of thought. We would simply be stuck in the previous set of ideals and ideologies and perpetuating the experiences of the past. When we stay in these mindsets we give our power away to the past.

Albert Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.” It is our freedom of thought that allows us to expand not only on the level of thought, but on the level of form as well.

I believe we live in an infinite universe that is constantly expanding. This is true cosmologically, but also experientially as human thought and consciousness progresses. Form is simply a result of this expansion.

They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea ~ Francis Bacon

Spaceships and satellites that are used daily by humans also existed during the Middle Ages. Maybe not in form, but certainly in potential. Resources for these technological advancements existed long before any items were built. We do not inhabit a different planet today, nor did our planet get a new set of resources. We just gained a new perspective on how to better utilize these resources through evolving beyond our past patterns of thinking.

This is why I believe fundamentalism of any kind can be a detrimental mechanism that keeps us stuck. It is certainly valuable to recognize the path that brought us to this point in history. I certainly appreciate the technologies that we have inherited as a species. However rigidity of thought in any community whether it is music, science, medicine, or spirituality, is like saying that somehow the Universe is ‘tapped’ and we no longer have the resource for advancement.

This line of thinking relegates not only our Universe as impotent, but is also saying that the Source of our lives is somehow limited in some way. I believe we will always have the resources we need for advancement, because everything we need has already been provided by an infinite Source. It is our human awareness that sets the bar for limitation or expansion.

Everyone gets smarter because of this technology… and the empowerment of people is the secret to technological progress ~ Eric Schmidt

So, in the pondering of our freedom of thought, it is a fun exercise to consider what new technologies might currently exist in potential, but through the limited capacities of present awareness have not yet reached the stage of form? Then consider, what creative endeavor exists within in me that, if I allow it, could flow through me to transmuting potential into form.

Think freely my friend and love freely as well. I believe that Love is the creative force of the Universe, and the reason why so many of our esoteric traditions say, “God is love.”

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