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Good Vibrations

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe Beach Boys hit song Good Vibrations is more than just a catchy title. Our bodies and minds are constantly engaged in “pickin’ up good vibrations.” We are all composed of energy manifesting as matter, as are our environments. At a very basic level it is the interaction of atoms and molecules, and our behaviors have a lot to do with those interactions.

The unfortunate truth is, we’re also surrounded by negative influences. Stress, poor diet and nutrition, and lack of exposure to a natural environment are common in the busy, urban world many of us now live in. Literally, they are everywhere we turn, and it can be overwhelming.

Often we treat these symptoms with even more harmful solutions, such as artificial medicines, negative thinking, alcohol or narcotics, or non-wholesome foods. It’s a vicious cycle. However, there is a way to escape and break free.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration ~ Nikola Tesla

Going back to the very basic levels, as we engage in positive, healthy lifestyle choices, we increase our good vibrations. On a level we can’t fully explain, certain behaviors make us feel great naturally. Think of the “natural high” athletes often describe, for example.

As a species, especially in industrialized societies, we have cut ourselves off from so many things which keep our vibrations high: time outdoors, natural lighting, compassion for others, and organic foods and beverages.

Keeping our natural vibrations high has to be a conscious, and daily part of our existence, if we are to be whole and healthy.  A program of mindfulness and meditation can help to let go of the conscious and unconscious negativity that accumulates over time. Think of low-vibration feelings as dust or dirt; a program of conscious focus on high-vibration practices serve as a filter.

Connection with others is a remarkable way to increase vibrations for all involved. As a species, we are social and naturally oriented to bond with others. Volunteering, even for a few hours, is a great place to start. Companion animals also have scientifically proven benefits for us – people with pets are more likely to live longer and feel more fulfilled. And, speaking of animals, just getting outside and enjoying nature is a form of vibration therapy. Natural sunlight, with the proper precautions taken, is one of the most powerful forms of energy known, and it’s also free!

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change ~ Wayne W. Dyer

Eating organic and natural foods whenever possible also supports our health and well-being. When we eat locally, we not only help local farmers and growers, but we’re exposed to natural immunity properties because of bees. How much better can it get?

In an increasingly confusing and crowded world, it’s more important than ever to make positive vibrations a focus. Many of the negative, low-vibration sources trick us into thinking they are actually good for us, but they’re not. Make a conscious effort to increase the positive vibrations and, like a ripple spreading outward in a pond, it will affect you and everyone else in your life for the better.

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