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The Whispers Of Sentient Animals

Click Here FOR a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comDomesticated animals have been a source of comfort and joy for us humans for thousands of years. Their companionship has brought us balance, healing and unconditional love. Our pets become family and even take the place of people missing in our life.

What humans too often forget is that animals are also sentient beings. They experience feelings and emotions, just like we do. I know this as an animal communicator and pet psychic. But you don’t have to take my word for it, because evidence for it has also repeatedly been found in scientific studies.

For example, Helen Proctor and her colleagues at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) did a systematic review of more than 2,500 articles on animal sentience and concluded that evidence of animal sentience is everywhere.

Animals feel pain, frustration, sadness, neglect, abandonment and fear. They also feel joy, happiness and contentment, just like humans. Their unconditional love is natural and without judgment. They don’t care how successful, attractive or fashionable we are. They simply care about us for who we are, and all they ask in return is to be treated with some kindness and consideration.

I have the blessed gift of being able to communicate with the animals, and through the years of working with many animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses, they have taught me so much. They have shared with me many wisdoms, truths, fears, concerns, and also their confusion about some humans. At times it breaks my heart.

When we domesticated animals — for our own benefit — we took away their ability to fend for themselves and thus took on the responsibility to care for them ~ P. K. Barkur


Dogs are extremely loyal and offer so much unconditional love. They can feel our moods change and our energy increase or decrease. They know when we are sick. They can’t understand all the human words we use, but they can sense our energy and they can read our tone of voice.

They like it when we talk to them, telling them our plans when leaving for work or school. Always tell them when you are leaving for the day, or they may feel abandoned and confused. They also know when we will be coming back home.

Dogs also need to have some form of a job or work they can do for you. If you do not give them a job, they don’t feel important or needed, and begin to fear that you won’t want them anymore. They are innovative and will often create their own job for themselves, such as barking at the mailman or keeping your feet warm.

Dogs living on chains feel trapped, punished and unwanted. Keeping a dog alone outside, chained to a doghouse, is not only cruel and utterly inhumane, but it can also be dangerous. It is a life of absolute misery for such a dog. Fortunately, many cities, states and countries are increasingly passing laws to ban this awful practice.


These majestic creatures feel our energy and love. They are more edgy and careful around humans who eat meat, however, as it gives off a carnivore scent from our bodies, telling them that we are predators. As soon as a horse bonds with a human, they will give us full trust and loyalty (meat eater or not), and they will work hard to please.

Jobs are also particularly important to them. Animals like horses and dogs build a stronger bond with their human owners when they walk shoulder to shoulder with us, which means they are in the ‘friend zone’ with their human.

Human beings are a part of the animal kingdom — not apart from it. The separation of ‘us’ and ‘them’ creates a false picture and is responsible for much suffering ~ Marc Bekoff


Cats are quite different in their approach to humans, as they are very independent. They don’t trust us so easily and completely as dogs might, and they have great survival skills. They will always find an escape route when needed, and if you treat them badly they will leave and find a better home.

We need cats more than they need us, and they know it. They can get very annoyed with us if we are noisy, bring home new pets, or when we are paying too much or too little attention to them. They are not easy to please and they act out if things are not going their way. But if we manage to meet their demands, they can also be perfect little angels.

By the way, they do not want or need a job. Patiently putting up with us is already hard work enough for them!

About The Author: Krystal

Krystal's psychic talents with people and animals are as remarkable as her non-psychic adventures. Divinely gifted with multiple avenues for reading energy, she's hosted TV and radio psychic shows that quickly skyrocketed to #1. She has read for musical celebrities, provided lectures and is an Ordained Minister who has performed marriages and eulogies. She was also the first female race car driver, holding 4 titles, her accomplishments immortalized in a book! For over 4 decades, she has connected with her Guides, receiving visions and info from just the sound of a client's voice, and she's taught many devoted pupils to tap into and harness their own special gifts. From her dream home in Ohio on 200 acres that house a menagerie of animals, including mini-horses, Krystal can be found whittling walking sticks on her porch that tell a person's life story, and her readings will hone in on your unique life story, providing clarity on any concern. She brings balance, love, and healing, not to mention love and light to your life path. She has 12 natural spiritual gifts that require no tools to get the message across. Her guides offer detailed insights on all you need to know at the moment you enter her session. If you would like a reading with a psychic prodigy who's been reading since the age of 5, you can find Krystal at

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