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Dolphin – The Magical Marine Mammal

click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comAt one time in the distant past all of us came from the sea. Our bodies are still about 70% percent water and we have a natural connection with it. Is it any wonder then that humans and dolphins, one of the most intelligent and intuitive animal species, have such an ancient and powerful connection?

In myths from around the world, there are stories of dolphins assisting, healing, and guiding humans at sea. With their kind eye, perpetually ‘smiling’ face and use of language, they are in many ways like us. Scientists observe that dolphins are among the few animal species who have their own ‘dialects’ depending on their location. Some evidence even suggests that dolphins may be telepathic!

When dolphins appear as a spirit animal or totem in our life, they are often a symbol of the need for open communication. Resurrection is also associated with the dolphin. In Greek mythology, they carried the recently deceased to the underworld, and in Christian tradition they bring departed souls back to Christ.

Dolphin is a complex creature – both wise and playful, serene and powerful, independent and a herd animal. So, what can we learn from them? Chances are, you’ve never seen an unhappy dolphin. On the surface, dolphins remind us to live life in the moment, to be playful and use humor, and trust our instincts.

There may be a common thread of consciousness between man and dolphin ~ Joan McIntyre

Also, if you’ve ever observed dolphins in the wild, or in captivity, you’ll know they are agile problem-solvers. In the water they swim in all directions, and so can we, metaphorically speaking. Think of a dolphin observing a puzzle that needs to be solved. It is unlikely to give up, especially if a reward, such as a fish, is involved.

We can think of dolphins as our most genuine self: the water is our primal, subconscious state, and the dolphin spends its entire life surrounded by water. The word ‘dolphin’ is actually connected both to the Greek word for ‘womb,’ as well as the spiritual Oracle of Delphi.

The dolphin is an animal, like the horse or the dog, which has a unique bond with humanity. It is an animal which will go out of its way to be with us, play with us, and help us. Not all of us are lucky enough to live near the ocean, or even a marine park, so how can we bring the unique energy of dolphins into our daily practice? One surefire way is to invoke the spirit of dolphins, even if they do not form part of our unique animal totem.

Dolphins may well be carrying information as well as functions critical to the regeneration of life upon our planet ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Each animal which comes into our spirit world has something to teach us and dolphins are no exception. Are you struggling to communicate appropriately, needing to tap into your childlike energy, or searching for creative ways to overcome obstacles? These are a few of the many special gifts affiliated with dolphins. If you can afford to do so, why not take a harbor boat ride in an area with dolphins. Or, better yet, schedule a swimming session on your next vacation. These unique and magical creatures are a gift to us and they willingly share their wisdom.

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