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A Flame From The Afterlife

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThere are many different ways our loved ones come back to show us that they are watching over us from the other side. I have to share one of the most wonderful stories I was told of a sign from beyond that re-affirms one’s faith in the afterlife.

Paul and his buddy Steve would always go fishing when he was alive and they always enjoyed each other’s company. They would look forward to those days when they could escape to the nearest lake, put a line in the water and just forget all about life’s troubles and routine.

Eight years after Steve passed away, Paul went out fishing again to one of their favorite fishing spots. When he opened his tackle box he spotted an old cigarette lighter that Steve had given him back in the early 90’s. It never really worked back then; it was one of those cheap lighters and it leaked. Paul had kept it, because he believed it always gave them good luck when they were fishing together.

Love is the opposite of fear and it lights the flames of a million hearts ~ Amy Leigh Mercree

Paul took out the old lighter, even though he knew there was absolutely no way it could possibly still work, and he flicked it. Much to his surprise the biggest flame sprung up from it. He was amazed. It seemed this was his friend’s way of letting him know he was still with him! It lit up as though the lighter was still full of fluid and working better than it ever had before. There was simply no other logical explanation, since the lighter was almost a decade old and it had been dry as a bone for years.

The incident had such a profound impact on Paul that he went from being a confirmed atheist and skeptic to believing in the afterlife. And to make things even more miraculous, he pulled in a lot of fish that day – way more than his usual quota. That lighter was still bringing him luck after all the years.

Paul still keeps that old lighter in his tackle box and hasn’t used it since, but is tempted to every once in a while. He often will relay the story of that day to anyone who chooses to listen, remembering his friend and how he always feels he is with him when he is out fishing from time to time.

About The Author: Moon Goddess

Moon Goddess is a third generation empathic healer and seer. She started to give healing readings to people more than 20 years ago. She has always been interested and studied all things metaphysical from a young age. Being hypersensitive she can feel and see things before they happen. Utilizing the Tarot, and with the help of her Guides, she is a source of support for many people all over the world. After he passed over, her grandfather kept his promise and came back to say goodbye and gave her the most amazing experience. Moon knows there truly is a Heaven, and it is wonderful! Sharing her experience has helped many people after they have lost someone, or anyone experiencing some form of grief. Get a reading with Moon Goddess now at

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