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Traits Of Your Cancer Child

click here to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA child born between June 21st and July 22nd is a Cancer. Home and family are very important to children born under this zodiac sign. Anything relating to family and home life will tend to make them very sentimental. Cancers tend to keep elaborate scrapbooks or make videos of special family moments. They are extremely attached to the home, and especially to their mothers.

Cancer is not only a water sign, they actually love water! If your child or baby is having a rough day, sometimes just a warm bath, or a little time in the pool or at the beach, can help calm them down and rejuvenate their soul. They might also love to wash their hands, so let them help with the dishes!

Cancers tend to be highly empathetic. They are very caring, loving and affectionate. They need a lot of affection and love in return, to feel happy and secure. Keep a close eye on them and make sure they aren’t absorbing other’s negativity, or becoming overwhelmed by other people’s emotions.

Your cancer child can be quite moody. Cancer is ruled by the equally ‘moody’ moon and their emotions can change like the tides of the ocean. One moment they are giggling with joy, the next their feelings are hurt by some benign thing someone said that wasn’t even about them. They do tend to personalize everything. Cancer babies may cry more than other signs.

If you’re raising a Cancer kid, your primary challenges will include dealing with moodiness, emotions, and isolation… These kids require a lot of attention in the emotional department ~ Kelli Fox

Cancers love life! They love to eat… maybe a little too much. You may want to keep an eye on their eating habits as they sometimes can over indulge. They love money and are usually very good with it. Most Cancers are natural savers, but you may want to watch out for hording and an over attachment to material things. Because they love money, they are often hard workers and are usually financially successful.

Remember that crabs are hard on the outside, because they are so soft on the inside. I call this ‘crab energy.’ Sometimes they present a tough exterior to the world, because they are actually so very sensitive on the inside. They can become guarded and may put up too much emotional armor to protect themselves .

Despite all their emotion, moods and sensitivity, Cancer children are one of the easier signs to raise. They are pretty easy-going and independent, as long as they get their emotional needs met every day.

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