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March 2020 Weekly Astro Forecasts

click here for a free psychic reading a PsychicAccess.comMarch 2 – 8

This is a lighthearted week, filled with social interactions and self-care. So, at last we can keep the focus on ourselves for a change! Information we’re looking for, and affirming conversations, take precedence the first two days of the week as the Moon dances through Gemini. We may be more action-oriented than productive, but that’s okay, as we’ll get what we need on an intellectual level.

Venus will move into Taurus on Wednesday, and we’ll look towards how we can beautify our surroundings. In this tangible zodiac sign, Venus may encourage us to redecorate, clear out clutter or spend more time in artistic endeavors for the next six weeks. Add a Cancer Moon on Wednesday and Thursday, and our focus will be on our homes and families.

A Leo Moon takes the spotlight on Friday and Saturday, compelling us to shine our lights out into the world. This moon could also insist we set new boundaries, make ourselves the priority and integrate some of the changes we’ve been making since the start of the year.

Sunday might be the only day we’ll feel genuinely productive, as the Moon moves into Virgo, and inspires us to organize or throw ourselves into a project that requires detailed precision or extreme focus. How about those taxes..? All in all, this should be a quiet and easy flowing week.

March 9 – 15

The week kicks off with a Virgo Full Moon, as well as Mercury resuming forward motion, which could make for a chaotic Monday! Be flexible and open to last-minute changes, trusting that everything is happening as it should, despite circumstances possibly being in direct conflict with our plans. We can work to reclaim our equilibrium and schedules on Tuesday and Wednesday as the Moon travels through balancing Libra.

Just about the time we catch up on things, the Moon will wade into spiritual Scorpio on Thursday, creating an ethereal tone that lasts through the end of the week. Keep in mind that Mercury can take a week or so to right itself, as it turns direct, so don’t assume that communication glitches and computer frustrations will return to normal until the middle of next week.

Have no fear though, as the weekend is full of bright, fun and light-hearted activities under the Sagittarius Moon. No matter how unpredictable this week was, we can get re-centered and back on track Saturday and Sunday.

March 16 – 22

This week marks the Sun’s entry into Aries and the start of the Astrological New Year. It also heralds the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Moon’s travels through Capricorn on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, giving us the opportunity to start clearing things up and finishing projects that have been hanging over our heads, as we prepare for a fresh start in all areas of our lives. If those New Year resolutions didn’t really take on January 1st, or during the Chinese New Year, this is another opportunity to set a course for success!

The Sun will move into Aries on Thursday, and combined with an Aquarius Moon, should generate the impetus to make sudden and sweeping changes, as our creative spirits awaken and our souls take on new depth. Even Saturn, which is usually the ‘naysayer planet,’ will join in the parade of new beginnings as it moves into the sign of Aquarius on Saturday. Saturn in Aquarius encourages breaking the rules, coloring outside the lines and finding new and innovative paths to our goals. So, with that in mind, let’s embrace this transformational week as the ideal time to get moving into the better lives we are striving to create.

March 23 – 29

The main highlight this week will be the Aries New Moon, which again casts an air of fresh beginnings over us all, as we start setting our intentions for the twelve months ahead.

Don’t plan on getting much done on Monday, as the Pisces Moon will cast a hazy air over the day, and cause us to be more introspective than action-oriented. However, when the Moon moves into Aries on Tuesday, punctuated by the New Moon, we’ll rev up into high gear and accomplish twice what we normally would, which we’ll also repeat on Wednesday.

Health and financial issues should be attended to on Thursday and Friday, as the Moon marches through Taurus. So, balance that checkbook and make that appointment with the doctor. And maybe it’s finally time to join that gym and kick start those New Year’s resolutions to exercise more!

Saturday is also ruled by a Taurus Moon, so get to those household chores you’ve been putting off, or spend some time getting your garden sorted for the coming planting season. Make socializing a theme under Sunday’s Gemini Moon, as Mercury will be back on track, and we can catch up with loved ones, update our social media pages and download those new apps we’ve been wanting to try out.

March 30 – April 5

Mars will dash into Aquarius on Monday, setting the stage for two months of innovative and successful movement. Aquarius will inspire our minds, and Mars will move us to take the actions that will manifest our dreams. Combined with a Gemini Moon, networking and research will be a theme this first day of the week.

We’ll slow down considerably when the Moon moves into Cancer on Tuesday, spending the next three days in a more sensitive and spiritual mode. Home and family will take precedence, while other matters sit on the back burner.

Venus will move into gregarious Gemini on Friday, shifting our focus to sharing our hearts more openly with the rest of the world. Whether we’re inspired to write, blog, or simply chat the weekend away over the phone or online, it will be a good time to get our thoughts and feelings out in the open.

Our idealistic sides will also emerge over the weekend, as the Leo and Virgo Moons bring out our visions, but be mindful to take into consideration what others are thinking or planning, rather than moving on an idea without consulting others who may be affected. Remember, we can be hard on ourselves, but we always need to practice empathy with others.

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