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February 2020 Weekly Astro Forecasts

click here for a free psychic reading a PsychicAccess.comFebruary 3 – 9

The week starts out with Mercury moving into ethereal and spiritually-based Pisces on Monday, where it will stay for the next two months. Logic and critical thinking will go out the window, replaced by internal processing and spiritual advancement.

Mercury will also retrograde in this sign from February 16th to March 9th, calling for us to go deep within our souls to reclaim, refocus and restore our true selves. Quite apropos, as we move through the final phases of the astrological year, before starting anew at the end of March.

Venus will also change signs this week, moving into fast-paced Aries on Friday, and creating a bit of a push and pull, as one part of us wants to go internal and another wants to get things moving externally! We’ll have to pace ourselves and listen closely to our intuition, to know how to move from one day to the next.

The week culminates with a Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, again calling for us to release everything that is not truly serving us, so our brightest lights can shine for all the world to see!

February 10 – 16

Friday the 14th is Valentine’s Day, but with Mercury preparing to go retrograde on Sunday we’ll have to tone down our expectations and embrace unconditional love over romantic love.

The entire week could have an ethereal tone to it, starting with Monday and Tuesday’s Virgo Moon, which could throw our emotions off balance, as our idealistic side emerges. Luckily Wednesday and Thursday’s Libra Moon will help us to reclaim our equilibrium, and remind us that relationships of all kinds should be nurtured and celebrated this week.

The Moon will travel through Scorpio on Friday and Saturday, adding to any confusion we might encounter when people act out of character, or don’t follow through with commitments. On the upside, Mars will move into the grounded sign of Capricorn on Sunday for a two month visit, adding a base of stability and security to our lives, as we prepare to enter into the undefined Pisces energies that will start to prevail next week.

February 17 – 23

The week kicks off with the Sun moving into spiritual Pisces on Tuesday, and ends on a high note under the Pisces New Moon on Sunday. Wit will be wise to keep things as simple as possible under Monday and Tuesday’s Sagittarius Moon, as this will make the transition from Aquarius to Pisces much easier to navigate.

If there’s anything we simply must get done this week, Wednesday and Thursday’s Capricorn Moon makes these two days the best time for productivity and definitive action. The Aquarius Moon on Friday and Saturday promises to create a bit of chaos or last-minute changes to our plans, so we’ll have to practice flexibility and be ready to shift direction at a moment’s notice.

Sunday’s lovely Pisces New Moon heralds two weeks of new beginnings, as it brings our inner and outer lives into balance and reveals new paths to our current goals. We can best honor this last New Moon of the astrological year with some journaling or meditation, to access the information and direction we’ll need to complete this annual cycle and prepare for the next.

February 24 – March 1

It’s leap year week, when we get an extra day in February every four years! There is a high vibration that occurs when we experience February 29th, as it serves as an adjustment to the calendar, as well as a calling for an adjustment to our lives. Ideally, we’ll want to use this special week to regroup, declutter, clear our minds, and release any resentments or fears that are holding us back.

Monday’s Pisces Moon may make it difficult to get the information we need, or complete any tasks, but don’t worry, as the Moon will charge through Aries from Tuesday until Thursday, and allow us to wrap up any unfinished matters that may have been hanging over our head, especially in the areas of health and finance.

The Moon will cruise through Taurus over the weekend, inspiring us to gather those items we no longer need for an upcoming garage sale or charity donation center, and give us a chance to regroup after a busy, leap year February. We can reserve Sunday for social interaction and conversation, thanks to the fun-loving Gemini Moon that will be dancing through the heavens.

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