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November 2019 Weekly Astro Forecasts

click here for a free psychic reading a PsychicAccess.comNOVEMBER 4 – 10

The week will start out with a bang as the Moon travels through unpredictable Aquarius, so stay alert and expect the unexpected. By Wednesday the energy cools and you will dive into your creative and spiritual side, as the Moon drifts through Pisces for a few days.

Don’t worry if you wake up Friday morning to discover you haven’t gotten a single thing done, as the Moon will charge into Aries, and combine energy with the intense Scorpio Sun. You’ll get caught up in no time! Plus, as the Moon hangs out in this action-oriented sign all weekend, you will be inspired to clear out clutter, take on new projects and enterprises, and start gearing up for the holidays.

All in all, this week should flow smoothly, once the Aquarius Moon shifts our path, which in the end, will be a good thing!

November 11 – 17

Monday is Veteran’s day in the Unites States, and is also be celebrated as Remembrance Day in countries like Canada, Australia and Great Britain. With the Moon in Taurus and Sun in Scorpio, this is the perfect time to acknowledge the sacrifices so many have made to keep us safe and secure. Tuesday’s Taurus Full Moon will be another great reminder that our past defines our future, and that we need to be mindful of that as we move forward.

The Gemini Moon on Wednesday and Thursday will have us surfing the Internet highway at record speed, as we delve deeper into researching certain queries or learning more about our favorite subjects. Friday through Sunday will flow quite lovely under the Cancer Moon, turning our attention to home, family, and the upcoming start of the holiday season.

This is also a great weekend to regroup, relax, and revisit fond memories as Mercury continues its journey retrograde through Scorpio.

NOVEMBER 18 – 24

A busy week awaits as Mars moves into Scorpio, while Mercury finally resumes forward motion and the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Keep in mind that the entry of Mars into Scorpio on Tuesday will slow things down considerably for the remainder of the year, as we shift our attention to the holidays and interacting with others on a more personal level.

Mercury will go direct on Wednesday, but let’s give it a couple of weeks to straighten out. On the upside, the next two weeks will be filled with ‘aha’ moments, when we can finally see the reasons behind obstacles, delays or sudden changes in direction.

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius on Saturday will prove the highlight of the week, as it takes us into a four week cycle that promotes completion, justice and most importantly, the holiday spirit! Fun and laughter will be on the agenda, so we’ll need to guard against making this a heavy time with too much spending, eating or worrying.

Remember that Thanksgiving is coming up next week in the Unites States, so if you haven’t made all your arrangements for this first holiday of the season, Sunday will be the time to start taking action.


Thanksgiving week is upon us in the United States, but before we can get to this holiday on Thursday, we’ll have Venus moving into Capricorn and a Sagittarius New Moon to set the stage for a wonderful holiday. Venus moving into Capricorn on Monday could have us longing to redecorate the house (hardly the time) or rushing out to buy new china for Thanksgiving dinner. This is really not necessary, as the main focus will be on loving interactions with our favorite people.

Tuesday’s new Moon promises an accelerated burst of energy for the next two weeks, which is great timing with all we’ll have on our plates! The Capricorn Moon rules over the second half of the week, making for a nice holiday, though warning us to guard against too much eating and too much spending.

Even though Black Friday is upon us, you may want to hold out until Cyber Monday, as thanks to this weekend’s Aquarius Moon, this will be when you will find the better deals.

Remember to stop many times during this busy week to give thanks for the abundance and grace in your lives. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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