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The Mythical Mysteries Of Crows And Ravens

click for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comCrows and ravens are common in the superstitions of both the ancient Greeks and Romans. Both cultures considered these mysterious birds highly significant in the practice of augury, an ancient divination practice of interpreting omens or prophecies from the observed flight patterns of birds.

In the Greco-Roman world, the soothsayers, known as augers would predict future events by examining the behavior of birds, which was known as ‘taking the auspices.’ Crows and ravens were considered especially significant, both for their ominous black feathers, as well as their flight patterns and eerie behavior.  It was believed that if a crow or raven flew in from the east or south, for example. It was considered an omen of good, positive fortune.

Ravens and crows mythology is also found in the native cultures of North America. In addition to being portrayed as tricksters, the intelligence of these birds is often a prominent feature in their characterization. In one Native American story, the raven is described as a shapeshifter who stole a box of light owned by the chief of Heaven, and flew away with it. The raven dropped the box, and light broke into many pieces, creating the stars, the Moon, and the Sun.

Other native cultures tell stories about the raven making the world a more formidable place for mankind, in order to give itself amusement. Interestingly, ravens have been treated somewhat ambiguously in the Christian tradition. In many cultures birds were worshiped, and idolized, or thought of as having powers of healing and enlightenment. Ravens have also been described as teachers, referencing again the bird’s intelligence. It has been said that ravens taught man how to deal with death.

Needless to say, urgings by ravens are ignored at one’s peril ~ James D. Doss

Today these birds are still believed by many to be spiritual creatures, and they seem to have a mystical, supernatural quality to them. No matter what you believe about these mythical birds, there is no denying the fact that they are fascinating, independent and beautiful. Whether they are viewed as intelligent, cunning, evil, or divine, these birds are a prominent symbol in many belief systems throughout the world – beliefs which continue to influence our modern culture.

Next time you see a crow or raven, you might want to pay more careful attention.

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Venus lives in Arizona and has helped clients with her arsenal of psychic gifts for over twenty years. She was blessed with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Empathic gifts, and she is also a certified Life Coach and a Reiki practitioner. Departed loved ones will often enter a reading, either invited or they simply show up to pass along their messages. Messages also flow in from her direct communication to Spirit and Angels, providing the client with the answers they need to get them moving forward toward happiness, rewards, and success in their lives. In addition to being a psychic, life coach, and reiki practitioner, over the last ten years, she has also been a teacher and has led seminars to help others embrace their higher knowledge. If you’d like a compassionate psychic who can tune-in immediately and channel without tools, you’ll want a reading with Venus at:

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