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Traits Of Your Leo Child

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA child born between July 23rd and August 22nd is a Leo. Leos are the sign of the actor. Yes, they are very dramatic! They can make you laugh with their animated expressions and dramatic response to your every word.

But Leo children also have tempers. They can be very explosive, crying, even screaming, when they don’t get what they want. Fortunately, they can then turn around in a second and begin laughing and playing again. They tend to get over things quickly. Leo children are generally happy. They smile all of the time, except for when they are having those explosive tantrums.

Leo kids are very physical and athletic. They are often found outside climbing trees, playing ball, or running around. Leos are also one of the hardest signs to get to sleep. They are fire balls of energy and they are so excited about life, they don’t want to sleep and miss out on any fun. Keeping them in sports and performing arts will help them burn off their tremendous amount of excess energy and stay focused in school.

Leos tend to be good-looking, charismatic and charming. And just like their Lion symbol, they tend to have beautiful, full, long or unique ‘mane’ of hair. Making friends comes easily as they draw people in. They are friendly and warm. However, because of their beauty, charisma and many talents, they may also attract jealousy.

Because Leo thinks the sun rises and sets for them and them alone, these signs naturally expect to star in every show and snatch every crown. This pattern of hierarchical thinking can occasionally work against Leo, stifling their ability to collaborate and work as a team ~ Christie Craft

Leo children need a lot of attention! They crave it. Give them a lot of praise, but let them know who they are on the inside is what matters most. They are natural leaders, but remind them to give others a chance to lead as well, and watch that they don’t get too bossy. This is the most confident zodiac sign. You will never have to worry about low self-esteem with the Leo child. But they do need to be taught humility, so their confidence is not mistaken for arrogance.

Feel grateful for this little kitten in your arms, even when they roar like a lion. You will be showered with hugs, kisses and affection from these loving little Leos. Expect to get lots of compliments about them too.

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Satya lives in Northern California and is a natural Clairvoyant, Empath, Conduit, teacher, author, animal lover, healer, Reiki Master and an advanced yoga instructor. She has provided valuable psychic assistance to Hollywood stars, athletes, and everyone else in-between. A multi-layered Intuitive, with many unique gifts at her disposal, she can give you a doorway into the past as well as a gateway to a happier future. With her long distance energy work, she provides healing for people and animals too! She instantly spots karmic connections from past lives that directly affect current situations, helping clients to move through them quickly. For accurate solutions on just about any pressing problem, you can find Satya at

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