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The Importance Of Remaining Focused

click here to get a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comFrom the very start of working in the psychic field, my spirit guides taught me that if we are positive, proactive and focused, the Universe will deliver! As true as I have found this to be, it can, I have to admit, be somewhat easier said than done.

We are now well into 2018 and how many of us, including myself, have stuck to those New Year’s resolutions – whatever they may have been? Did the kids catch a cold and need additional care as a result, or maybe the car broke down or the demands of work get in the way of things? Yes, life certainly happens, and when it does, it is so easy to become unfocused.

However, if what we focus on is what we get, how do we remain focused when the demands of life get in the way of things? Consider the following:

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus ~ Bruce Lee

Set Clear-Cut Goals

Forget telling yourself that you are “going to lose weight” and replace it with a more specific affirmation such as, “I will lose 5lbs within the next six weeks.”

Furthermore, this very same approach needs to be applied to any goal that you may have. Say, for example, that you want to start a new business, then tell yourself that you will have that business launched by the end of June, and no later.

In short, set specific goals that are to be accomplished within a particular time frame.

Allow Life To Happen

There is no doubt that the ups and downs of life will get in the way of our plans from time to time, but by accepting this helps us to handle things better. No, acceptance is not admitting defeat or giving in to circumstances. Instead, it allows us to deal with things in the present moment and having done so, we can then positively go back to pursuing our goals.

Furthermore, if we did not acknowledge that our plans will be interrupted from time to time, when that time comes, we can become frustrated and even see ourselves as a ‘victim’ – all of which is not conducive to manifesting a positive life!

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light ~ Aristotle Onassis

Make Yourself Accountable

Finding an exercise buddy, business coach or even a friend to motivate us and keep us on track is a brilliant way of staying focused. Indeed, we are much more likely to achieve our goals by making ourselves accountable to another person.

Keep A Schedule

Anything whatsoever that takes you closer to achieving your goals ought to be scheduled, just as you would your dental appointment. Therefore, whenever life throws you a ‘wobbler,’ as it will, from time to time, you can effectively stay in control of your circumstances if you have an appointment to keep.

You see, time, along with focus, tends to disappear when not accounted for, but efficient scheduling can undoubtedly remedy that!

No Eating Elephants

What is your metaphorical elephant? Is it your working deadlines, your driving test, an application for a job or a weight loss goal? Whatever it is, the chances are it could be a big elephant (or seem so to yourself) and how on earth would you go about ‘eating it’?  One piece at a time is the answer to that! So chunk down those goals into more manageable sizes, as it is so much easier to remain focused on a small goal, and better to do so, than allowing yourself to become overwhelmed and stressed out by larger ones.

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days ~ Zig Ziglar

Liken Your Mind To A Muscle

As human beings, we lose our ability to remain focused by allowing distractions to become a habit. In short, we train our minds to become unfocused. However, by switching off from all daily distractions, even if it is just for five minutes at a time, and permitting ourselves to concentrate fully on the task at hand, allows our minds to develop the healthy habit of staying focused almost at will. Should your mind wander, as it shall to start with, simply remind yourself to go back to your task and the more you practice, the easier it will become.  Liken this, if you would, to getting fitter, i.e. you need to build the muscle (the brain) to achieve the amount of desired focus.

Fall In Love

Yes, you did read that correctly. No, I am not talking about love in the romantic sense, but rather falling in love with a process. You see, if you want to be fitter than you have been for ten years, you need to fall in love with the process of exercising efficiently and eating healthily. Equally, if you desire to become a highly successful entrepreneur, you will need to fall in love with the marketing process. Want to write a bestseller?  Then fall in love with writing!

The reasoning behind this is that what we fall in love with and are passionate about, we are motivated by and therefore remain focused on, whatever it may be. Furthermore, it is consistent focus and application that yields positive results. Like spirit teaches, we influence the future we do not just predict it and it is very often the action we take that produces the results that we desire. However, where there is no focus, there is very often insufficient action and therefore no credible results.

So, why do we need to fall in love with the process and not the end-result?  Well, if we enjoy the process, it will make the journey to our destination, i.e. our goal, a more pleasant one. And by sticking to the process, which we should do if we enjoy it, it allows the end result to take care of itself! How clever is that?

If you find that your life is a little out of focus at this particular point in time and your resolutions for 2018 have not been adhered to, then do take heart. Remember that resolutions can be made at any time, not just the New Year. For my part, I trust that the above advice helps you to get back on track, stay focused, attract positivity and achieve your goals in 2018 and beyond.

About The Author: Lucinda

Lucinda is a highly trained Intuitive and Empath, living in a beautiful village in North Yorkshire, England. She possesses the rare gift of understanding a client's personal pain and has been through many challenges, herself, which has only made her stronger! It is both her calling and her happiness to help those in need. And whenever she needs a little help herself, her Guides are always there to assist in her development and provide clear interpretations for her clients. Prediction has always been a great tool she could count on to accurately foretell events, but Lucinda also draws on her expertise with Dream Interpretation, Numerology, Angel Cards, Law of Attraction and Life Coaching to provide full and detailed solutions to any problem. A member of AMORC and Beyond Freedom Evolution, she provides inspiration, education and personal support for spiritual development. If you'd like answers or want to attract your desires, you can find Lucinda at

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