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I’m A Perfect Five On A Scale Of One To Ten

Click photo for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI’m a perfect ‘five’ on a scale of one to ten… and I love it! When we learn to be a five, we’re relishing the right to be okay, yet not to have to be a perfect ten. We would all like to be absolutely perfect. Yet, no one is. We would like our heroes, our crushes, our partners to be ‘the one’ by fulfilling all our needs, but we forget that in order for that to be, we too have to be a perfect ‘ten.’ Still, and perhaps, sadly, no one is.

The worst part is, when our beloved tries to change, we often doubt them. We wonder why he said this, or why he didn’t do that, because he always did before! We shouldn’t ask for changes if we don’t really want them. Changes hurt, just as pulling the splinter out sometimes hurts. It causes us to bleed, but in order to heal, the splinter has to come out.

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly ~ Sam Keen

Try to accept the fault in someone’s compromise. Choose your battles. Is this really worth the fight? We don’t have to say everything we think. If it’s a fault, a problem, believe me – he already knows it, cringes when something happens, and tries harder to correct it. Our relationships may be damaged when every time we speak, we criticize. If we live with criticism, we learn to criticize.

Critters know this wisdom instinctively. I was driving down the mountain road into town. Brother Coyote ran across the road. Coyotes, wolves and foxes will run away rather than attack a human, because they are wise critters. If they don’t know the enemy, they won’t try to fight it. In other words, these smart critters choose their battles carefully.

They study their prey – the enemy – before ever approaching. So when coyote stopped and turned to look right at me, he stood firm, balanced and tall. I knew he was talking to me. Coyote says that wisdom, along with the willingness to learn about oneself, balances each other out. We see our own mistakes and those of others, learning from everything. Simplicity, trust and truth are the keys here.

A coyote’s howl or a dog’s bark gets our attention back to what we are hearing, reminding us of our primal connections… our inherent knowingness. And, nature’s diversity is telling us, in truth, that fives are just as beautiful as tens.

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Mountain Sage's profession is Metaphysical Academics. Her extensive training includes Oracle, Healing, Universal Laws & Principles, the Sacred Circle and Psychic Shielding. Focus includes Ascended Masters, Altars, Minerals, etc. She holds the great honor of Oracle Carrier by her tribe due to her outstanding psychic ability, passion for the psychic realm, integrity and sacred work. Get a psychic reading with Mountain Sage at

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