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August 2020 Weekly Astrology Forecasts

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The week opens with an Aquarius Full Moon (also known as a Sturgeon Moon), which could make for a tricky Monday! We’ll need to practice flexibility and patience, as this Full Moon could change our direction at a moment’s notice.

The following day, Mercury will enter dramatic Leo, which could fill our heads with grandiose ideas. Entertain them, but get more information before you act! A Pisces Moon rules the heavens on Wednesday and Thursday, providing a more spiritually based and quiet few days.

Venus will move into Cancer on Friday, where it will ride the soothing and intuitive wave of this sign for the next month. Love of home, family, and self will take precedence during this cycle. The weekend unfolds under an Aries Moon, filling us with energetic and creative energies. So, let’s get out there and have some fun!

August 10 – 16

Except for Uranus going retrograde on Saturday, this should be a quiet and productive week. Uranus will travel backward until January of 2021, with subtle shifts and changes that probably won’t be obvious until the beginning of next year. People born under the sign of Aquarius (which Uranus rules) may notice it more, as they’re asked to go back and review changes they’ve made this year, and whether those alterations are working for them.

A Taurus Moon rules the heavens on Monday and Tuesday, making these the most productive days of the week, so dive right in on Monday morning and get things done.

The Gemini Moon will have us chatting and socializing more than getting any work done Wednesday through Friday, but on an up note, these are also the days we can get the most valid information or investigate new ideas we want to put into action over the last three months of the year.

Home, hearth, and family will be our priorities over the weekend as the Moon drifts through Cancer and has us sticking close to home. We have permission to be couch potatoes this weekend.

August 17 – 23

A busy week awaits as a New Moon and two planetary changes occur. The Leo New Moon occurs on Tuesday, opening the door to start new things over the next two weeks. This could be the time we’re getting the kids back to school, going back to work after a vacation, or setting up our schedules for the season ahead. This New Moon will elevate our hearts and minds, as we move back into a more disciplined and structured time.

Mercury will move into Virgo on Wednesday. Because it’s the planet that rules this sign, our thinking and ideals will be elevated to new heights over the next two weeks. Mercury is in a shorter part of its orbit, but as with the new Moon, these next two weeks are highlighted for embracing new ideas, making internal as well as outer changes, and moving into a stronger position.

On Saturday, the Sun will join Mercury in Virgo and kick off a month of focus, organization, and ideals. When the Sun is in Virgo, we can zero in on details more easily, rid ourselves of clutter and external confusion and set a clear goal for the future. We’ll have to guard against nitpicking, or trying to force our ideals on others, but that doesn’t mean we can’t strive to be better people, and work towards a better world.

August 24 – 30

No major astrological shifts loom on the horizon this week, which will give us a chance to stop and catch our breath.

Monday’s Scorpio Moon is ideal for detailed work or intense focus, so getting to those projects we’ve been putting off will be a breeze at the start of the week.

The Sagittarius Moon on Tuesday and Wednesday will cast a light-hearted air around us, and though we might not get much work done, we’ll have lots of fun catching up with others and restoring balance to our worlds.

A Capricorn Moon looms overhead Thursday through Saturday, making this the ideal time to take care of anything of a financial nature, or a home repair or remodeling project. Even if you’re just in the planning stages of creating a new budget or redesigning your kitchen, the Capricorn Moon can help you get the basic details down on paper, which will be essential before you dive into the actual changes.

Sunday’s Aquarius Moon is great for connecting with friends and family over the internet, browsing for new information, or actually getting out of the house to try something brand new. So, keep this day open and flexible and move with the whims of the Universe.

August 31 – September 6

A Pisces Full Moon on Tuesday will set the stage for a spiritual and transformational week, as it asks us to release preconceived notions and follow our intuition as we move forward. This is also known as the Harvest Moon, preparing us to reap what we’ve sown over the last six months.

The Moon continues to travel the metaphysical realms of Pisces through Thursday morning and then hands the reins over to Aries, the sign of action and progressive movement throughout the rest of the workweek. Mercury will move into Libra on Saturday, providing us with a more balanced and beautiful mindset for the next three weeks. This is an ideal time to strengthen your current partnership or go in search of new love, if you’re looking.

Venus will enter dynamic Leo on Sunday, where it will spend the next four weeks encouraging more self-love, greater self-expression and urge us to quit hiding our lights under a barrel. So, embrace the Venus in Leo energy and get out there and strut your stuff.

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