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Astrology Forecast June 10 – 16, 2024

FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA very quiet cosmic week awaits us with no major astrological events on the calendar. The only significant change this week began yesterday when Mars entered Taurus, where it will remain for the next six weeks until July 20, 2024.

During this transit we may notice an increased focus on persistence, determination and tangible results. Mars in Taurus encourages us to take a steady, methodical approach to pursuing our goals, rather than rushing headlong into action.

We may be more inclined to work diligently and patiently toward our ambitions, valuing consistency and reliability over impulsiveness.

In addition, Mars in Taurus can increase our desire for comfort, security and material pleasures. We may feel motivated to assert ourselves in matters of finances, possessions, or physical well-being.

However, it’s important to be aware of the potential for stubbornness or resistance to change during this time, as Taurus energy can be resistant to upheaval or disruption.

Overall, Mars in Taurus invites us to ground our actions in practicality, perseverance, and the pursuit of long-term stability. It’s a time for taking deliberate, measured steps toward our goals and cultivating a sense of resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

Tonight a Leo Moon sextile Mercury in Gemini brings a harmonious blend of emotional expression and mental agility. You may feel more confident and expressive in communicating your feelings and ideas this evening. The energy of this transit tends to encourage lively conversation and social interaction, making it a great time for social gatherings, creative projects, or mentally stimulating activities that may keep you up well past your bedtime!

Patience may be called for tomorrow morning as Mars in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius. We need to keep our egos in check, even when we know we’re right and others are wrong. When these two planets form a square, there’s a potential for power struggles, conflict and confrontation on both a personal and collective level. There may be a tendency toward stubbornness, manipulation, or attempts to exert control over others. Be aware of the power dynamics in relationships and avoid becoming involved in obsessive or destructive behaviors.

Detailed work and informational tasks are the theme on Wednesday and Thursday as the Moon moves through Virgo, sharpening our attention and focus. This transit invites us to be practical, efficient, and health-conscious in our approach to daily life. It’s a time for paying attention to the little details, getting our affairs in order, and taking care of our physical and emotional well-being.

The rest of the week will be light and flowing under a balancing Libra Moon, calling us to pay attention to all areas of our lives to see where things may be out of balance and to take the time to bring them back into alignment.

So, this weekend we will likely focus on creating harmony in our relationships, appreciating beauty and creativity, and striving for fairness and balance in our interactions with others. Sunday evening’s Sun trine Moon aspect will provide us with an especially supportive atmosphere for socializing, communication, and emotional connection. It will be a good time to enjoy the company of others, to share ideas, and to find joy in the beauty and harmony of life.

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Susyn lives in New Mexico, and offers Psychic Guidance, Astrological Insights and Channeled Messages that will change your life! Her credentials are top-notch and include a doctorate in metaphysical studies and certifications from The American Association of Professional Psychics and The American Tarot Guild. She's also a published author, with two metaphysical books under her belt, and has authored numerous articles and horoscope columns. In addition to her readings, Susyn is also a mentoring practitioner who teaches others how to master their own gifts, raise their vibrations, and empower themselves. A sought after guest on numerous radio programs, she has also hosted her own radio show. If you're looking for one of the truly bright shining stars who can also read them with an accuracy that will astound, look no further. You can find Susyn at

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