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Karmic Issues Versus Karmic Debt

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThere is a vast difference between karmic issues and karmic debt. Suppose you have a neighbor that you don’t like. Maybe he is a braggart and a show off, but what might complicate this further is that he appears to be totally successful. He buys a new car every couple of years, while you are lucky that your old clunker is still getting you back and forth to work each day.

His pretty wife and three whiny, noisy children go on marvelous vacations every year and you are always made to know about their adventures, whether you care to listen, or not. You have to hear how exceptionally exotic and expensive all these getaways are. Meanwhile, you cannot even remember the last time you took your own family for an outing that required more than a tour through the entire kitchen of the local Golden Arches!

Now, just to add a little more flavor to this complete and wondrous person, it also seems as if his boss could not even run his own company without this brilliant employee’s valuable expertise. Some days you dread even going out of your own home, as you know he will be there waiting with his desire to let you know what new and amazing event has happened in his glorious professional life, while in comparison your dead-end job appears to grow bleaker by the day.

Karmic debt occurs in various forms. Sometimes it is financial; sometimes it is based on love, other times on anger or revenge, on helping someone, on deceiving someone. In other words, karmic debt encompasses the whole spectrum of human interactions ~ SamAdi

Then, let’s imagine, one particular Saturday, as luck would have it, your neighbor is pulling out of his driveway and you can breathe a huge sigh of relief. But wouldn’t you know it, he simply has to come back with some lame excuse about forgetting his newly handcrafted golf clubs, which were created especially for him. For he is such a magnificent golfer that his team would never be able to come in so far ahead of the rest, had it not been for him gracing them with his presence.

And in this moment, you have finally had it! The ‘green-eyed monster’ completely takes over and you can no longer tolerate his arrogance for one more moment. You see your chance and you innocently meander over to his car. Fortunately for you there is always that trusty little knife you have the habit of carrying, sitting right there, conveniently in your pocket. And with one quick slash you have done the deed.

The neighbor comes out of his garage, carrying his priceless new clubs, which have probably cost more than you paid for your entire garage contents, and off he goes, while you savor this moment with complete bliss. But it was probably not your intent that the car’s tires should be leaking air at that crucial time, when the neighbor was turning an especially sharp corner, causing him to veer off the road and sailing over the sharp edge of a cliff!

As a result of this horrific accident, the poor man becomes paralyzed, with complete loss of mobility. This then results in a series of life events, where he is no longer able to work, loses his job, then his home, his wife, and finally his dignity.

What have you done? What kind of spiritual debt have you acquired for yourself? Can this debt ever be completely repaid? You can apologize for the rest of your life, but that will not give this person his life back. You can volunteer at different organizations, donate to charities, but this will never in a lifetime repair the harm that you have caused another soul.

This is an example of a karmic debt, clearly demonstrating why it may take more than one lifetime to atone for a harm that you have caused others.

Karmic Debts are a fascinating process of balancing energies. You do something completely nasty to me, I get to do something completely nasty to you. We both learn from the experience. We balance the energy. Afterwards, in the pub, we have a good laugh ~ Caris Palm Turpen

A karmic issue, however, is a horse of a different color. It simply means you have come into this existence with a variety of issues that you have not sorted out for yourself. You may wonder why you cannot get the financial success that others seem to be able to achieve. Maybe your relationships frequently turn sour, or you end up with constant health issues.

Often a karmic issue presents itself as a series of adverse events that appear to be so random that you are not able to put the pieces together for yourself, and understand the significance of it all. Consequently, you have not realized that you are able to tap into the vast power of the Universe that is completely at you disposal.

Why is your life in a twist? Why can’t you seem to pull things together? Most of us do not realize that we have a series of unresolved karmic issues connected to previous existences, that have not been dealt with and rectified.

If you are in physical debt that you cannot seem to find your way out of, it is similar to karmic debt that has to be repaid. It is just an accumulation of a variety of issues that is more than likely karmic. Both can be resolved. But a karmic debt could take a lifetime or more to repay. Similar to repaying a mortgage we can make additional payments to speed up the process. Karmic issues, on the other hand, we take one at a time and resolve each in turn.

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