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Mixed Birth Patterns And Multiple Influences

Click picture to get a free reading right now at PsychicAccess.comMost people know their Astrological sign, or Sun sign. Most also know their birth order in the family: oldest, middle child, or youngest. And a few people may even know their Numerological life number, which is the sum of the digits in one’s birth date and determines the major themes of an individual’s life. But what many people don’t know is that these influences must be taken into account as a whole!

Each of these aspects tell a unique story, since no two individuals are alike. We’ll use the example of Amy, a Gemini Sun sign born on June 15, 1978, to demonstrate this concept of mixed birth patterns. Gemini, the Twins, are usually outgoing types who excel at communication and strive to make many friends. The Sun sign, the foremost influence in one’s chart, forms the basis of our personality. What really gets interesting is what lies beyond the basic, ‘garden-variety’ Astrological readings found on a typical horoscopes website or newspaper column.

Numerology projections will fascinate you for your entire life ~ William Kennett

Amy, as it turns out, is the eldest child in her family. She has a younger sister and a much younger brother. First-born children, as well as only-children, are stereotyped as go-getters, leaders, and alpha personalities. This tends to be true, as they may receive attention in greater amounts. Amy, being a naturally gregarious and extraverted Gemini, fits this description well. Her sister is two years younger, a quieter middle child, and her brother, ten years younger and the baby of the family, is artistic and quirky.

Ages of siblings as related to individuals, as well as gender, also play an important role: Amy is close enough in age to her sister for the two of them to be considered a sibling unit. Her brother, on the other hand, forms his own sibling unit.

The last piece of anyone’s mixed birth pattern puzzle is their Life Path number. In Amy’s case, the digits of her complete birthdate are 6/15/1978, which is expressed in Numerology as 6+1+5+1+9+7+8. When these digits are added together, it comes to the sum of 37. Adding 3 and 7 together makes 10, which is then reduced to 1 (1+0). Therefore, Amy’s life path number is 1. This means she is ambitious, take-charge, and assertive.

Looking at Amy’s complete birth pattern, we therefore see a person who is more than likely a type-A personality!

When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be ~ Dane Rudhyar

Naturally, each person is different, and no one type is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other. You may be looking at someone like Amy and wish for a more ‘favorable’ pattern. Truth is, each pattern brings a new and unique strength to the table.

If you’re new to learning about mixed birth patterns, the current authority on the subject is Dr. Michelle Payton, whose book of the same name is a perfect introduction. She also looks at how these patterns affect events in our lives, from family relationships to events on the world stage. Take some time to map out your personal set of patterns for insight into why you are who you are. You might even be able to improve the quality of your work, love life, and relationships!

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