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The Ouija Board Is Not A Harmless Toy

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comThe Ouija board is an occult item that you don’t want to mess with, or even try. It looks like something harmless and it’s supposed to be a fun, friendly board game, but using it may open you up to something that could bring harm to you.

My brother once thought it was harmless to try and use the Ouija board to make contact with a good friend we had lost in a car crash. We grew up together, and when we heard that our friend had passed in an accident my brother was very distraught. He was looking for answers as to what had happened and for some mysterious reason so he decided to turn to the Ouija board for assistance. I told him I felt it was not a good idea, since I had read stories at the library about people who used the Ouija board and the disturbing things that happened to them.

I would strongly advise against the use of the Ouija… Most often the spirits whom are contacted through the Ouija are those whom reside on ‘the lower astral plane’ ~ Dale Kaczmarek

After a few weeks of using the Ouija, I could see a marked change in my brother. I told my parents about it, before it got out of hand. When my brother went to work my parents took the Ouija board and got rid of it in a dumpster. When my brother came home he was very upset that my parents disposed of it, but they told him it was for the best.

Ten years later my brother asked me to come over to his place one day, because he had a surprise for me. When I walked in I discovered my friend’s older brother there, who I had never seen since our friend had passed away. We talked about the good old days and his brother. Then came the shocking revelation: he told me that his brother used the Ouija board a lot before his death. His brother was very deep into it and he blamed the Ouija board for his untimely death. My brother is of course now relieved that the Ouija was taken away from him.

A client told me a while ago that she went to a local palm reader who told her if she bought a new Ouija board she would bless the Ouija board for $100. I told her that a “psychic” who would offer you something like that is most likely running a scam and does not care about your well-being. Apparently she also advised her to come back in three months to have the Ouija board reenergized for another $200.

The spiritual realm has many true answers to the questions we look for if we access the appropriate channels. I feel in time we get our answers and Psychic Access is the best place to get them from a reliable, trustworthy source.

About The Author: Raymond

Growing up on the streets of Columbus Ohio, Raymond learned at a very young age that he was gifted in many ways, including the ability to read someone's eyes and using a regular deck of playing cards to read the future! His mother was from a Native American family, namely the Black Foot tribe, and his father was German. Raymond discovered that both sides of his family had a psychic legacy. Over the years he has gained additional knowledge from books and by talking to trusted family members. Raymond has been doing psychic reading for others for over 3 decades, and over the years he gained many loyal clients from all walks of life. Visit Raymond for a reading at

One Response to The Ouija Board Is Not A Harmless Toy

  • Excellent advice from an excellent psychic adviser. I had a bad experience with Ouija once as well. The Ouija worked — and that was bad enough for me. My partner…I trusted her. I know for a fact that if she did not move the planchette and I did not move the planchette, then….

    What did? It freaked me out. Such a stark, bald connection to the spirit realm thrilled me but society with that particular spirit was not something I wanted. The spirit revealed himself through the Ouija to be a boy who had drowned some years previously but I had my doubts. They say that the entities which come through the Ouija are not honest anyway.

    Anyway, outstanding article and even more outstanding advice! Thanks, Raymond!

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