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Traits Of Your Gemini Child

click here for a free psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comA child born 21st to June 20th  is a Gemini. They are the sign of the twins and they are often duplicitous. They can love strawberries one day and hate them the next.

If you just think of them as two children living in the body of one, you will understand their changing interests and personalities. You will also understand why they have so much energy – because they have the energy of two people!

Gemini finds it difficult to make choices, because each side of them wants something different. This can make pinning them down very challenging.

They are thinkers. They run everything through their heads. They are articulate, eloquent and very smart, and they love the written word. They love to read and write. They may have a hard time staying focused on one thing, because their minds are so active, so encouraging them sit still and focus on one thing will help them in school. Keeping them mentally and physically stimulated will help them direct their energy into positive things.

Gemini is one of the most bright-eyed and alert signs of the zodiac, which often drives these personalities to blurt out their most eccentric visions at odd times ~ Christie Craft

Your Gemini child will be a fireball of mental and physical energy. They rarely burn out, but when they do… they simply pass out. They often need more sleep than the average child, because they are using up so much more energy. However, sleep can be an issue for them. As babies, you will often hear them in their crib talking to themselves in the middle of the night. If you ask them what they are thinking, they will have to pick between 200 different topics they are thinking about at the same time.

Gemini likes to talk. They will ask you why the clouds are white and then answer the questions themselves. You may not even need to talk at all to carry on a conversation with them. They are be great actors, debaters and speech writers.

Gemini people are very social. They will make friends with everyone. They may make so many friends, that their closest friends may feel they are not getting enough time and attention. But they can be socially fickle. They may be best friends with one child one day, and discover a new best friend the next.

Your Gemini child will keep you on your toes both mentally and physically. Keeping them sitting still during either a play or movie may be difficult. Keeping them stimulated will help them burn off their endless energy. Make sure there are plenty of books and lots of pens and paper around the house. Teaching them to focus on one thing will be the best thing to help them on their path.

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