July 2017 Highlights:

July is an easier month where no planets change direction. Saturn in Libra, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn remain retrograde throughout this month. We're looking at what we need to do to support transformation in our lives as Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto on the 2nd. Mars, Jupiter and Pluto forms a troublesome T-square the first part of the month. Go with the flow, don't burn out by constantly doing instead of being. Energies shift on the 4th as Venus enters playful Gemini and Mercury in Cancer squares erratic Uranus. Mercury enters Leo on the 5th as the Sun trines Neptune and squares Jupiter. We want to shift our consciousness but feel stuck in old thought patterns that we are ready to relinquish. Mercury forms a pleasant sextile to Venus on the 7th. The Full Moon in Capricorn on the 8th/9th conjoins Pluto opposes Mars and the Moon in Cancer and squares Jupiter in Libra. This loose Cardinal Grand Cross could bring up fear, anger, depression and grief. This will be an emotional lunation where we need to ground and release old stuck emotional energy. You will be well aware of what needs to go and what you want to nurture to evolve and grow beyond the status quo. This desire for change intensifies as the Sun opposes Pluto on the 10th. Communication expands as Mercury sextiles Jupiter on the 14th. Relationships can be difficult on the 17th as Venus squares Neptune in the morning and Mars squares Uranus at night. This calms down a bit as Venus trines Jupiter in Libra on the 18th. Think before speaking on the 19th as Mercury trines Saturn, what you say matters. Fiery Mars enters showy Leo on the 20th until September 5th and feels much more comfortable here in the spotlight. Tempers can flare as the Sun squares Uranus that night. The Sun begins his yearly transit through his own sign Leo on the 22th, preparing for a set of powerful Eclipses in August. The Leo New Moon occurs at 0 degrees 44 minutes on the 23rd reminding us to expand our own light and nurture ourselves as we call in our desires at the start of this lunar cycle. This powerful lunation is an ideal time to plan for the future, don't forget to make a wish list. Remind yourself to be kind and think of others now. There will be a second Leo New Moon on August 21st with a total Solar Eclipse. Be prepared it will be intense. Relationships can shift on the 24th as Venus in Gemini opposes stern Saturn and Mercury in Leo trines erratic Uranus. Mercury enters Virgo on the 25th, where he will retrograde next month on the 12th until September 5th. Tempers can spark and miscommunication can occur as the Leo Sun conjoins Mars on the 26th. Relationships can heat up as Venus sextiles Uranus on the 30th right before she enters emotional Cancer on the 31st.

Aries   March 21st - April 20th:  With Mars your ruling planet in Cancer your solar 4th house of home and family you will be focused on family relationships, home maintenance and repair. Work through differences with family members and create more harmony for the good of all. This is a good time to redecorate or reorganize your home. The Capricorn Full Moon may have you feeling torn between obligations at work and your home situation. Keep the peace and know when to delegate responsibility to others. Don't be afraid to say no rather than over extending yourself. Mars enters Leo on the 20th making your creativity shine, you will be filled with inspiration and new ideas during this transit. The New Moon in Leo conjoins Mars making this a powerful time to start new ventures.

Taurus   April 21st - May 20th:  Connect with siblings and catch up on correspondence. Keep things light and avoid negative people for best results. Venus your ruling planet moves into Gemini your solar 2nd house of money from July 4-31st, placing the emphasis on money and material things. Get finances organized, set a budget and stick to it. This can be a positive phase for harnessing your resources and moving ahead. The Full Moon in Capricorn could bring conflict with those you are closest to family, mate, and co-workers; avoid confrontation and watch what you say as harsh words will be hard to take back. Mars moves into Leo placing your attention on home and family for the next six weeks. The New Moon in Leo will be lively and begin a busy period for you over the next two weeks.

Gemini   May 21st - June 21st:  Take care of business at the start of the month while Mercury your ruling planet is in Cancer. Venus in your sign for most of the month makes relationships and money a focus for you. You may have unexpected expenses at this time so make sure you have some cash reserved just in case. Catch up on correspondence and paperwork. The Capricorn Full Moon can bring financial matters to the forefront, keep a cool head and remain logical as you deal with them. Positive aspects mid-month will help you smooth things over. The New Moon in Leo is a great time to deepen your relationship with the one you love or to meet someone new if single. Stay focused on what you need to accomplish for best results this month.

Cancer   June 22nd - July 22nd:  The Sun and Mars in your sign for most of the month brings a lot of action and activity into your life. Take care of your health and devote yourself to improving your well-being by eating properly and getting enough exercise. Connect with your spiritual side while Venus transits your solar 12th house from July 4-31st. This will be a very busy month for you so be sure to get enough rest and prioritize your time to use it effectively. The Full Moon in Capricorn illuminates your solar house of relationships and partnerships, be willing to go with the flow and try to avoid disagreements and arguments. The New Moon in Leo puts the focus on finances. Make sure all bills are paid on time. Work on your prosperity consciousness and see your money begin to flow from unexpected sources.

Leo   July 23rd - August 22nd:  Get ready for a super charged month coming up for you in August. This is a good time to get your ducks in a row so you can harness the energy of the upcoming eclipses to make progress in your life. Venus in Gemini is a lively and energetic transit for connecting with old friends and new. Parties and social events will keep you busy. You may meet someone new and fall in love or get closer to your mate. The Capricorn Full Moon can elicit deep emotional memories and pain. Take time to process but make wise decisions, nurture yourself to assist healing. Emotions remain the theme until Mars and the Sun move into your sign energizing you and shifting your focus to health and balance. The New Moon in your sign helps empower you to call in your heart's desire.

Virgo   August 23rd - September 22nd:  Mercury your ruling planet moves through Cancer, Leo and Virgo this month rapidly shifting your focus to different areas of your life. You will learn new things about yourself, what you want and what you are capable of this month. Be selective about the kind of people you associate with, avoid negativity. Venus in Gemini transits your solar 10th house of career potentially offering opportunities for growth and advancement at work. The Capricorn Full Moon conjoins Pluto bringing transformation to relationships, things can change for the better or end. Be mindful regarding what you call in, stay centered. Mars in Leo makes you consider your spiritual well-being and what you can do to shift your belief system in a positive way. The Leo New Moon will amplify your desire to gain insight into the deeper meaning of your life.

Libra   September 23rd - October 23rd:  Your career takes center stage during the first 3 weeks of July as the Sun and Mars are in Cancer. Your hard work and dedication can pay off for you now. Venus in Gemini puts your attention on learning new things, having adventures and stepping out of your daily routine. You desire new energies and opportunities now and will find ways to bring this in, make wise choices. Your focus is on home and family during the emotional Capricorn Full Moon. Strive for harmony over discord as deep levels of emotion will come up for you now. Stand up for yourself, don't let people take you for granted. The New Moon in Leo conjoins Mars bringing new people into your life, set intentions for what you expect from all of your friendships and relationships. It is time for things to become more reciprocal.

Scorpio   October 24th - November 21st:  Mars and Pluto your two ruling planets are in opposite signs until the 20th making you feel tension and stress. Gain clarity about what really motivates you and will make you happy, don't settle for less. The Full Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto makes you feel somewhat restless and ready for things to change. Be careful what you ask for as it is better to plan than to open up to random events to shift things in your life. Mars in Leo puts the focus on your career, you will feel motivated to move ahead now. The New Moon intensifies this motivation and brings about creativity and innovation as you open up to greater inspiration about the big picture over the next few months. Pledge to take better care of your health and make sure you are eating properly.

Sagittarius   November 22nd - December 21st:  Now that Jupiter your ruling planet is moving forward rapidly you feel more energized and ready to review your priorities to make sure you are on track. Venus in Gemini allows your relationships to flourish if you can be objective and open up to the other person's point of view. This is a great time to get closer and become more passionate together. The Capricorn Full Moon illuminates your solar 2nd house of money. Make sure bills are paid and finances are organized. This is the time to take charge of money matters and activate your powers of manifestation to improve your situation. You will feel social and want to reconnect with old friends while Mars and the Sun are in Leo. The New Moon in Leo initiates growth in relationships, creativity and fun.

Capricorn   December 22nd - January 19th:  Saturn retrograde in your solar 12th house may be making you feel tired. With the Sun and Mars in Cancer, relationships and partnerships are the focus. Be willing to change old stuck ways of interacting as you can get closer and make a lot of progress this month. The emotional Full Moon in your sign conjoins Pluto causing you to reevaluate where you are with all relationships as opposed to where you would like things to be. You can move forward if you are willing to compromise and try something new. Make practical decisions and follow through. With Pluto retrograde you are in a long process of transformation. The Leo New Moon triggers you to take action on financial matters. Come up with a plan to pay off debts and budget for the things that you really would like to do or attain.

Aquarius   January 20th - February 18th:  Health, service and work are on your mind as the Sun and Mars in Cancer transit your solar 6th house. Venus moves into Gemini on the 4th amplifying your creativity, connection with children and romance. Enjoy this phase but don't take risks, follow your intuition and if something doesn't feel right or safe, pay attention. The Capricorn Full Moon triggers an emotional and spiritual epiphany as you realize what needs to change in your life in order to be happier and more prosperous. You will work on balance as you take care of what you need to do without exhausting your body or your resources. Mars in Leo enlivens relationships and can bring new levels of understanding if you are willing to listen and compromise. The Leo New Moon empowers you to strengthen your connection with the one you love and come to greater levels of understanding.

Pisces   February 19th - March 20th:  You feel creative and inspired with Mars and the Sun in Cancer. Your mood has lightened and you just want to enjoy yourself during the first 3 weeks of July. This could be an exciting time romantically but avoid risky behavior. Your home and family life is highlighted while Venus transits Gemini in your solar 4th house. The Capricorn Full Moon will be dramatic, try not to make any rash decisions now as you may not be able to undo them. With Neptune your ruling planet retrograde, you would be wise to weigh your options and look at things from all angles before taking action. With Mars in Leo for six weeks you could experience conflicts. Utilize the Leo New Moon to commit to improve your health and work situations. Take care of your body and avoid stress if possible.

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