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The Truth About Lying To Psychics

Get a free psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comOccasionally, I have clients who call with questions they feel they cannot openly discuss. Perhaps it is due to their family being around, or due to being at work. I have on occasion even had clients ‘lie’ about their own names. Other common discrepancies include the gender of the person they are interested in, or their sexual orientation. These are all understandable truth omissions, so these are problems I am not concerned with.

What can concern me as a reader is both the wrong name, and questions that test. We do get a portion of callers that are just trying to see if psychics can actually ‘do the work’. Some of them also just want to confuse us. This is a very small portion of callers for psychic readings, and not enough to pay real attention to. Yet to those who do omit the truth, here is an example of what may, or may not happen: Continue reading

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