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Joy's connection with her Guides, Spirit, and the Angelic Realm was a bumpy journey that began at a young age. Lack of acceptance forced her to shut down her gifts, for a time, but they could not be suppressed for long! When the demands of Spirit became overwhelming, and their voices became too loud in her ears, she found powerful mentors to help her guide, control and expand her abilities. She was led to a woman named Paula who taught her Tarot and schooled her in Auras. Joy also studied with acclaimed Medium John Edwards' very own teacher, and she has delivered tons of messages, in public and at the hair salon where she honed her skills. For over 25 years now, she has worked with powerful tools, she has earned certifications in Reiki 2 and Meditation, she has taught classes on Crystals and Meditation, and has dedicated herself to delivering accurate and powerful Medium/Psychic readings and energy work to her clients. She lives in sunny Florida with her companion pit bull at her side, providing readings for clients at-home, and at private parties. A double Cancer, she is as sensitive a sensitive as they come, and can connect to your energies or to those who have passed, with ease and accuracy. If you would like a reading with a true Joy, you can find her at

Relationship Change Begins With You

Click Here now for a FREE Psychic Reading at PsychicAccess.comA psychic reading is always based on the energy you are creating in the moment. This is why seasoned readers will often tell you to give it some time and to let things unfold I its own way. We tend to be impatient, but like it or not, we live in a physical world where metaphysical energy takes time to settle into our density.

We’ve all been there. You get a reading and it turns out to not be what you had hoped to hear. You wanted things to be different by now, or you wanted the universe to hurry up and get on with changing your life for the better.

Well it’s always good to desire a better life, but we need to shift the energy ourselves. Even when it involves another person, it is our energy that needs to change first before anything else can manifest or shift into place.

Our energy vibration is created by what we think, believe and choose to feel about a situation. We create with our energy whatever we choose to focus on.

Changing our energy regarding a person or situation does not mean it will change the other person or situation, but it will change our experience of the other person or situation. It will also change the kind of people and situations we attract into our life in the future.

Think of the glass ‘half-full or half-empty’ analogy. If the glass is half-full you still have possibilities and options left. If it is half empty you are feeling like you’ve lost something, or your options are reduced.

Relationships are the perfect example. Be it friendship or romance, our lives are built on relationships. So often we aren’t happy with what is going on in a relationship and we get a psychic reading that confirms what we are already thinking and feeling.

Our first thought might be, that everything would be fine if the other person in the relationship makes certain changes. Now that may be partially true, but you could be waiting a very long, long time for them to change! You are the one suffering in the interim.

It takes spiritual and emotional maturity to accept that the only control you really have in life and your relationships is over yourself. Yes, that may seem daunting, or even unfair. But once you carefully think about it, you realize that it is you who wants things to be different.

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