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Ava's journey as an Elder began as a teen with her Psychic grandmother who informed her, through tea leaves, that she was a powerful Seer! Ava apprenticed with her grandmother, and grew her own thriving practice later on, as clients flocked to her door. Those early gifts grew and developed as she discovered multiple pathways that connected her with her powerful Gifts. She has mastered Tarot Reading, Animal Medicine, Channeling and opening what she refers to as “The Third Door,” where Spirits journey after they crossover. When the shield is lowered, Ava has the ability to accurately deliver messages from deceased loved ones of the seeker. By her tranquil lakeside home, where Ava is blessed to serve her clients and share her Psychic gifts and her music with her community, Ava resides happily off the grid, and reads and channels for clients--one-on-one--in her home studio. For over 35 years, Ava has dispensed wisdom and answers to clients seeking clarity. Through experience and through her close connection to the Ancestors and with nature, she has earned her distinction as a wise Elder. If you would like a peak into the third door, where answers await you, you can find Ava at

Let Us Meditate On The Butterfly Spirit

Click Here for a FREE psychic reading right now at PsychicAccess.comHave you had a butterfly dance into your life? Can you remember the issues happening in your life at that time? Butterfly Spirit usually deliver a wonderful message that you are leaving your cocoon and will be experiencing the joy of transformation in your life.

The butterfly spirit represents rebirth and freedom from despair. Next time butterflies show up in your life, consider looking at your relationships, career, living situation, and your finances. Take some time and meditate on the meaning of the presence of the butterfly in your life. The reason will soon unfold. You are truly blessed if it is the first butterfly you see of the season, as it is surely a sign of good fortune throughout the next year.

The butterfly has many stages before it reaches its final form, and its spiritual symbolism is especially significant during this time of global crisis. The egg stage represents a thought, idea or intention for a new manifestation. The larva stage is the decision to move forward with the plan. The cocoon stage symbolize the actions required to manifest the intended new reality. Then finally the birth stage arrives, which represents the manifestation.

This delicate, sweet-winged spirit can appear in many different colors and patterns. Up to the 1600s, the white-winged butterfly was protected by law in Ireland because it was said to be the souls of children that had passed away. Still today, some of Irish decent believe this to be true, and are considered blessed when the white butterfly spirit comes into their life.

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