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The Law Of Vibration

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comThe metaphysical laws that govern our existence are known as the Universal Laws. The most well-known of these laws in mainstream culture is the Law of Attraction, but it is less commonly known that this law is inextricably linked to another important metaphysical influence in our lives, namely the Law of Vibration. These laws are in fact two sides of the manifesting ticket that determines whether we will be receiving more ‘good,’ or more ‘bad’ in our life.

When I first discovered the Law of Vibration, I learned that absolutely everything in the universe, both living and inanimate, is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Everything therefore has an energetic vibration, from the magnificent energies of the sun, moon and stars, to the simple energies of an ant or a blade of grass.

Why is this important in terms of the Law of Attraction? Well, because according to the Law of Attraction like attracts like. In other words, we attract into our life those things that match our own energy vibration. How we are ‘vibrating,’ and what we resonate with, will determine the results of what we attract in our lives.

When our vibration is consistently low, dense, and negative, then we are more likely to attract similar negative manifestations and more unpleasant life experiences. But when we exude a higher, lighter, open, and positive energy vibration, we experience more joy, fulfillment and good fortune, and manifest more abundance and prosperity!

Some people are always smiling, have lots of luck, and good things always seem to happen to them. But this is not because they are special people, or just very lucky. It is their vibration attracting in so much good, blessings, and good fortune.

Vibration is something that must be understood if you’re going to take control of your health, it must be understood if you’re going to take control of your relationships, it must be understood if you want to become wealthy ~ Bob Proctor

This does not mean that bad things never happen to happy, fortunate people. It simply means they choose to not hold onto the negative energy of those undesirable events and unpleasant experiences. Being happy and upbeat all the time will not prevent bad things from happening in our life from time to time, as this is a necessary part of our spiritual evolution in this lifetime. It does, however, ensure that we attract more positive things and greater abundance.

Choice is therefore a vital principle in both the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration. We choose how we think, feel, and react in life, and this determines our energy vibration. No one can force us to react negatively or positively to anything. It is always our choice, in every circumstance.

Have a look at the aspects of your life that are currently not working out the way you want and you will find evidence of how the Law of Vibration is affecting your life every day. Then ask yourself truthfully how you are thinking, feeling, and reacting to events and people in your life.

Why is it taking you so long to get what you want? It is not because you are not intelligent enough or worthy enough. The only reason you have not already gotten what you desire is because you are holding yourself in a vibrational pattern that does not match the vibration of your desire ~ Abraham-Hicks

I have suffered much abuse, loss, and disappointment in my life. For many years, I used to let the memories of these experiences dominate my thoughts and control my feelings, and in turn I repeatedly attracted more of the same experiences.

But when I finally took back my power back, started appreciating how I was learning and growing from each negative experience, and feeling like I am worthy and deserving of better things, my outlook shifted and in turn more and more good things started happening in my life. Even on the bad days, I now find the blessings and seek the joy. Life is much too amazing and wonderful to constantly feel miserable and settle for less.

About The Author: Sheri

Sheri is an international psychic and angel reader who provides clear answers on finance, career, relationships, manifesting your dreams, and working-out the kinks of life. Since 2004, Sheri is the owner on an International Spiritual Healing Centre where she runs her Reiki practice - either working on clients or teaching them the levels of Usui Reiki. She utilizes her office space for readings that are conducted via mail, phone, chat or live. Since 2008, she's honed her gifts on various psychic service websites, where she's provided telephone, chat or email readings. She also works on a spiritual network for people who have suffered horrific loss, applying her own first-hand experiences with such tragedies. Sheri's work has been described as honest, compassionate and life-transforming and she would like to see all of her clients soar free to a higher level of spirituality and growth, and exponentially change the world to the best it can be. You can get a psychic reading from Sheri at

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