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Stones For Metaphysical Use

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comI use stones to change the mood in a room, to set intentions, to retain information, to direct energy, to shift patterns. The ways to use stones are as many as there are stones.

You can use just one, or a combination to get just the right results. You can put them on a charm bracelet, in a bowl, on the coffee table. One time, I wire wrapped 30 of them and hung them from a foot-high Yule tree in my tiny studio apartment.

While I was learning how to use stones, I hit a tough time in my life. One night I decided to go out with some friends and on the way out the door grabbed a stone from the table, didn’t know why, didn’t ask.  During the evening I felt what I can only describe now as a shift in balance.

When I got home, I was listening to my answering machine and got to a message from someone I had just disconnected from.  When I counted back the time, I realized he made that call when I felt the shift, and the stone I grabbed was a star ruby, which is useful in psychic protection.

My home is littered with crystal balls, polished and unpolished quartz crystals, amethyst clusters, geodes, and all of them have their own story.

Here’s the list I currently use to decide which crystals and stones to use. This is a work in progress, and I’m constantly adding to it. Use it to make some memories of your own.

AGATE (variety of colors and tones) – Strengthens body and mind; facilitates chakra work according to colors of stones.

ALEXANDRITE – Aids external and internal regeneration; soothes the nervous system.

Crystals have been used for centuries to promote serenity and as a tool for meditation. They can be helpful allies in our quest for calm ~ Amy Leigh Mercree 

AMAZONITE (blue-green) – Opens psychic centers to help clairvoyant powers and visions; promotes truth and trust.

AMBER – Improves decision making abilities; has a calming effect; use for manifestation.

AMETHYST – Spiritual energies. Breaks bad habits; increases psychic abilities; aids healing abilities; promotes inner peace and spirituality.

APACHE TEARS (translucent black) – Protection; absorbs negativity; helps process bad memories.

APATITE – Helps suppress appetite, use with crystals to produce results.

AQUAMARINE (light green) – Soothing; cleansing; alleviates fears and phobias; promotes tranquillity and inner balance; reduces water retention; enhances clarity of mind and self-expression.

AZURITE (blue ball) – Use in hypnosis; helps promote psychic experiences and truth in prophecy.

AZURITE-MALACHITE (blue and green) – Helps develop psychic abilities, creativity, and meditation.

BLACK – Very grounding; absorbs and disperses negativity; helps connect mental with emotional; reduces stress; useful with meditation work.

BLACK TOURMALINE – Strong protection stone; deflects negativity; raises positive vibrations:

BLOODSTONE (green with red specks) – Calms fears; brings abundance; carry to win in competitions.

BLUE – Balances emotions; cooling and soothing; attracts true love and success; helps with confidence in decision making. Calming energies. Allows owner to communicate with spiritual masters; stimulates and amplifies all psychic abilities; enhances and improves creativity; helps facilitate meditation, channeling and automatic writing; helps owner focus energy for better use. Calming; enhances intuition and inner knowing. Alleviates depression; promotes optimism.

You can trust your feelings when it comes to crystals. It is said that crystals find us, we don’t find them. If you’re meant to work with them, you’ll be drawn to them, and that will become apparent ~ Boni Lonnsburry

BLUE LACE (blue with white specks) – Inspires spiritual awareness; promotes an easy-going, optimistic, and joyful attitude.

BOTSWANA (blues, browns, whites) – Helps overcome bitterness; promotes artistic expression and practicality

CALCITE (variety of wax-like colors) – Balances male-female (aggressive-receptive) polarity; calms fears; reduces stress; grounding.

CARNELIAN (orange) – Protection from envy and rage; used to reverse causes of infertility and impotence.

CELESTITE (light blue) – Helps with creative expression and clear speech; promotes peace of mind; balances emotions.

CHAROITE (purple) – New age stone; allows owner to see with love; helps with letting go in relationships.

CHRYSOCOLLA (greenish blue) – Eases nervous tension; helps communication and self-expression; promotes wisdom.

CHRYSOPRASE (green) – Helps new beginnings; increases self-esteem.

CLEAR – All-purpose energies. Blocks negative energies; amplifies effects of all stones; best when used with clear mind and open heart; used for healing, protection, psychism, inner peace and astral projection.

COPPER – Stimulates healing; directs energy; use to draw money and good luck; wear for arthritis discomfort.

CRAZY LACE (blacks, browns, whites) – Worn by warriors in battle; guards against “evil eye.”

DIAMOND – Enhances mental powers and physical energy; aids in alignment with higher self; attracts abundance; promotes faithfulness.

EMERALD – Psychic eye; stone of successful love; helps owner see from the heart.

Crystals have a memory. They absorb the energy of whatever’s around them—the people who handle them, the environments they travel through, the gross vibes from the gum wrapper next to ’em in your purse ~ Kerry Ward

FANCY (greens and browns) – Increases energy; helps owner adapt to new situations.

FLUORITE (blue-purple-yellow-white) – Improves memory; increases psychic shield and mystic vision.

GARNET – Attracts love; projects sensuality; helps owner develop willingness to serve others without losing sense of self; aids in remembering dreams and protects against nightmares.

GOLD – Protective; aids concentration and focus; helps will power; luck and wealth drawing; softens stubbornness. Purifies and energizes; strengthens nervous system; attracts positive energy. Removes toxins; warming; inspiring; balances emotions; helps to slow aging process.

GREEN – Healing energies. Facilitates good health, prosperity, and abundance. Releases anxiety and fear; promotes independence; fosters a positive attitude.

GREEN MOSS (green with green flecks) – Carry to make new friends; facilitates business success.

HEMATITE (metallic grey) – Very grounding and protective; dispels negativity; improves self-esteem.

HOWLITE (white with grey lines) – Fosters inspiration, creativity, and artistic expression.

IOLITE – Enhances leadership and executive abilities.

IVORY – Inspires inner discipline and the ability to respond to one’s desires.

JADE – Very healing; brings serenity and wisdom; soothes emotions.

JET – Very healing; draws out negative energy; helps control mood swings.

KUNZITE – (pink) – Soothing and calming to emotions; helpful with addictions; aids in balancing manic/depression; enhances self-esteem and tolerance of others.

Like people, each crystal is unique and has a different story to tell…Each stone has its own vibrational blueprint, so take the time to shop around for different types before you decide which one is perfect for you ~ Heather Askinosie

KYANITE (dark blue with white markings) – Increases psychic awareness; dispels anger, frustration and negative energy.

LABRADORITE – Protects from negativity; promotes intuition.

LAPIS LAZULI (blue with pyrite flecks) – Power stone; improves self-expression; increases psychic awareness; use during meditation to broadcast and amplify thoughts.

LARVICIDE (dark grey) – The wizard stone; aids in communication with highest self.

LEOPARDSKIN (spotted grey) – Heightens endurance; imparts the will to do good.

LEPIDOLITE (purple) – Soothes anger, hatred and negativity; brings restful sleep.

MAHOGANY (brown-black) – Excellent protective stone; helps eliminate energy blockages.

MALACHITE (dark green) – Healing stone; removes negativity and mental blocks; dispels stress; money drawing.

MALACHITE-AZURITE (blue and green) – Helps develop psychic abilities, creativity and meditation.

METEORITE – Expands awareness of self; helps reveal past lives; enhances connection with extra-terrestrial energies.

MOLDAVITE – Spiritual development, expansion of consciousness; encourages acceleration of one’s inner growth and evolution

MOONSTONE – Helps with PMS and childbirth; softens mood swings; improves intuition.

MOTHER OF PEARL Brings honesty, integrity and peaceful energy; aids in concentration.

ONYX – Relieves stress; balances male/female (aggressive/passive) polarities; enhances self-control.

Many of the ancient uses of crystals have been lost, but the resurgence of their use by healers in the past 50 years or so has progressed in leaps and bounds ~ Ashley Leavy

OPAL – Awakens psychic qualities; promotes calmness in chaos; enhances business abilities.

OPTICAL (clear to white, wax-like) – Improves communication, self-expression, and mental powers.

ORANGE – Enhances leadership qualities; maintains inner balance. Stabilizing energies. Promotes security, money drawing. Useful in healing professions; helps focus concentration and mental powers.

PAUA SHELL (pink shell) – Stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability.

PEACOCK ORE (multi-colored metallic) – Helps release old patterns to make way for newness in life; releases negativity.

PEARL – Soothing to the emotions.

PERIDOT – Alleviates job burn out; heals bruised ego; promotes clairvoyance; facilitates channeling.

PETRIFIED WOOD – Extremely grounding and protective; helps recall past lives.

PICASSO STONE – Promotes weight loss when used with apatite; develops creative talents and inner sight.

PICTURE – (Brown with scenic lines) – Stabilizes and balances owner’s life; aids in smoking cessation; reveals fears.

PINK – Calming; aids memory retention.

PYRITE – (Fool’s gold) – Dispels negative energy, depression and anxiety; brings good luck.

RED (rust) – Action energies. Helps manifest action; puts desires in motion. Draws helpful people to owner; heightens spiritual awareness. Helps identify childhood fears; sharpens mental clarity. Helps in finishing projects; very grounding and protecting.

RED CORAL – Protects from depression; helps owner set and meet goals.

RHODOCROSITE (banded pink) – Powerful healing stone; promotes compassion, forgiveness, kindness and unconditional love for self and others.

RHODONITE (pink and gray) – promotes self-confidence and inner growth; strengthens self-identity.

ROSE – Emotional energies. Love stone; heals wounds of the heart; teaches acceptance, internal balance, positive communication, compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

ROUCH RUBY – Magic power stone; protects from enemies; halts nightmares.

RUBY / STAR RUBY – Aids regeneration; removes blockages on all levels; imparts courage, integrity, personal power, unconditional love and acceptance, compassion, selfless service and the ability to internalize one’s experience; removes self-limitations. Aids in psychic defense from others.

RUTILATED – (Clear quartz with gold streaks) – Strengthens will power, self-control and decision-making abilities; excellent for amplifying, broadcasting and storing thoughts.

SAPPHIRE – Aligns mind, body, and spirit; stimulates psychic abilities and creative expression; fosters loyalty and love; dispels confusion; expands cosmic awareness.

SERPENTINE – Enhances meditation; clears energy centers and emotional blocks.

SILICON (silver) – Master healer. Removes toxins from physical body; calms anger; money drawing.

SILVER – Excellent energy conductor; relieves stress; enhances mental process; facilitates ability to visualize.

SMOKY – Grounding energies. Improves creativity and self-esteem; protective, centering, clearing and grounding.

SNOW – All-purpose energies. Blocks negative energy; helps channel; aids in recognizing karmic debts.

SNOWFLAKE – (White snowflake on black) – Protection for sensitive people; aids in regaining and maintaining balance during changes.

SODALITE – Eases subconscious fears and guilt; helps self-expression; balances male and female (aggressive and receptive) qualities.

STRAWBERRY (pink with black lines) – Emotional energies. Balances over- sensitivity; used in Atlantis healing ceremonies.

SUGILITE (dark purple) – Enhances channeling and empathic abilities; dispels negative thoughts.

SUNSTONE (yellow) – Dispels stress and fear; aids in communication with spirit guides; brings good luck to owner.

THULITE (red) – Increases energy field; helps user view life with love and tolerance.

TOURMALINE – Stimulates the bio-magnetic, electric and crystalline properties in body.

TREE (green with white lines) – Awakens and enhances talents; helps connect with spirit guides; focuses analytical abilities.

TURQUOISE – Master healer. Protective; strengthening; aids in communication and positive attitude.

UNAKITE (green with pink markings) – Aids in protecting personal power, taking charge and releasing negative emotions.

YELLOW (citrine) – Mental energies. Assists and protects during travel; lessens sorrow and regret. Put in cash drawer for protection; increases joy, happiness, concentration and will power; will not retain negativity; promotes clarification; facilitates contact with higher self.

ZEBRA MARBLE (black and white stripes) – Aids in recalling dreams; fosters self-control common sense and clarity.

About The Author: Indigo

Indigo lives in the Pacific Northwest, her considerable gifts going back many generations, traveling along the matriarchal line. She has always listened to the inner voice of her Guides, and began what would become her higher life's calling as early as tweenhood. Though her inner talents were always powerful, Indigo remains highly active in the outer world, particularly her community, nurturing and feeding her treasure trove of knowledge through study and practice. For 10 years, Indigo ran her own business, servicing 10 or more clients at a time. She's worked on the very best psychic phone lines and websites, honing her craft, and relaying important messages through the snapshot images she receives. She employs many tools, such as Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, to name but a few, and has mastered disciplines that include Shiatsu Reflexology and Touch Therapy. Indigo is a practicing Wiccan for 30 plus years. She's helped find runaway children, assisted clients with PTSD, sexual abuse, bipolar disorder, and abandonment issues. Her personal breakthrough with trauma linked to past-life incarnations eliminated negative blockages holding her back. Her own inner work has afforded clients the same great opportunity to release their own blockages and to find the peace and happiness they crave.
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