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The Magic Of Dream Astrology

Click Here NOW for a FREE psychic reading at PsychicAccess.comDream interpretation using astrology is a wonderful psychic tool few people are aware of. My clients know they can come to me with any recent dream that ruffled their feather quilts, and I can help them sleep on smooth sheets again.

Of course, before you seek such counsel, I advise you first begin to practice strengthening your dream recall. It is handy to keep a notebook or dream journal by the bed, and record your unusual sleep adventures whenever it presents itself.

Distilling the important dreams from the more common ones is an art of discernment that does take some practice for most people. However, in time, you’ll learn to distinguish when a dream has value, as opposed to what astrologer Nina Gryphon calls ‘a spicy pizza dream.’ In other words, the ordinary dreams are like a passing movie reel that has more to do with what you ate the night before, than being a profoundly prophetic dream that has the potential to manifest and change your life.

In ancient Egypt, Greece, and the Middle East, there used to be ‘dream incubation temples’ that required the querent to first fast and purify themselves, before a deity or oracle would show up to interpret their dream.

Today, all that is required is an astrological chart – either an event chart of the moment you actually experienced the dream, or you can use a horary chart, which is the constructing of a horoscope for the exact time at which the question is received by the astrologer.

Dreams are traditionally associated with two archetypes: The ‘gate of horn’ or dreams that stem from a divine source; and  the gate of ivory, which is those muddled mind trips we can never fully translate (otherwise known as ‘spicy pizza dreams’).

The language of astrology helps us to not only understand ourselves, but the moments through which we’re both living and dreaming, and as such, it can help us translate the meaning of our dreams ~ Stephanie Gailing

The ‘gates of horn and ivory’ are a literary concept from Homer’s epic poem Odyssey. It is used in parapsychology and metaphysics to distinguish true dreams (corresponding to factual occurrences) from false.

In the Odyssey, Penelope has a dream that her husband Odysseus is about to return home, but she expresses her doubt that the dream is false. “Two are the gates of shadowy dreams, and one is fashioned of horn and one of ivory,’ she says. “Those dreams that pass through the gate of sawn ivory deceive men, bringing words that find no fulfillment. But those that come forth through the gate of polished horn bring true issues to pass, when any mortal sees them. But in my case it was not from thence, methinks, that my strange dream came.”

The horn dreams are authentic because when you work horn thin, it becomes like glass, clear and translucent, whereas ivory is a material that becomes milky when worked on, which represents dreams that are like allegorical riddles that may never be solved.

So, for the purpose of astrological dream analysis, we must focus on the ‘horn dreams,’ and not the ivory. There are fortunately ways for the astrologer to separate the horn from the ivory. Just by looking at the chart, for example, and particularly the 9th house where dreams are featured, I can check to see where the ruler of that house is located and any relevant planets in that house.

Astrology provides the perfect opportunity to offer a clear and consistent approach to understanding dreams using a symbolism that is at once unique to the individual as well as universal ~ Rod Suskin

If the dream resides in the 9th or 10th house, we’ve really got a good  one on the line! But if the dream signifier is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house, we are probably dealing with a spicy pizza!

If you had a horn dream, as opposed to the ivory, I analyze the planets in their signs and houses to elaborate on the themes and mood of your dream, and determine how helpful or harmful the dream might be. I can also tell from the chart where to find assistance or support, through the benefic planets of Venus and Jupiter, and where there may be danger or risk due to the malefic planets of Mars and Jupiter. I also check the moon’s sign to determine the effect the dream has on your life.

A deep understanding of all the planets and their meanings is vital in astrological dream interpretation, including the outers of Pluto, Neptune and Saturn, and even the nodes, which are not actually bodies, but points that may lend very specific meanings to the dream. Mercury would be a message or movement of some sort; Mars may indicate violence or a warning; Venus usually signifies enjoyment or pleasure; and Jupiter could indicate wealth or an abundance prophecy, and so on.

Your dreams contain hidden treasures and untold gifts that a trained dream astrologer can reveal. So, in the immortal words of Aerosmith, Dream On, and then consult the stars for your answers.

About The Author: Tracey

For 11 years, Tracey's predictive practice has taken her down the rabbit hole, where she’s amped up her intuitive gifts by mastering new tools that are accurate and cutting edge. She began with Tarot, Numerology, Soul Path Energy Clearing and Natal Astrology, reading for her one-on-one clients in her private practice, at fairs and festivals, and at private parties. Her newest technique, Horary, is popping up on new apps and on social media. Horary is a predictive and magical form of astrology like a psychic reading, with a chart cast for the moment and quickly read by a highly trained practitioner in the art. Tracey currently lives in South Florida, but she maintains a busy practice with clients situated mostly in Los Angeles, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, and Palm Beach. Past clients she has worked with include a well-known Disney actress, a comic book icon, an Emmy nominee, a luxury hotel entrepreneur, and the founder of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Tracey was asked to be part of a panel for an exciting new YouTube series sponsored by the prestigious Wessex Astrologer. She is also a successful sci-fi and fantasy author with a new book recently released to rave reviews. You’ll have a magical trip when you hop aboard Tracey’s exciting Horary bullet train leaving the station at

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